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The world is undergoing an unprecedented energy transition. Despite transformational governmental policies and emerging technologies being deployed since the Paris Climate Change Agreement, the promise of a low carbon future remains challenging. Progress varies widely from country to country, but the ability to mobilise and deploy capital is an ever-constant thorn in the side of policy makers and asset owners alike who are driving the sector.

The Energy Capital Leaders Assembly in Paris will address the evolution of energy players’ businesses and the financial industry. This year’s theme is ‘Mind the Gap’ – the narrative we use to describe the widening disparity between viable projects reaching FID and the funds available to be put to use in order to make a low carbon future a reality.

The Energy Council has partnered with the two largest power events in Europe, European Utility Week and POWERGEN Europe, to create the ultimate end-to-end European energy experience for the whole energy supply chain. The value proposition of the Energy Council is to bring together investors and asset owners from traditional utilities and major energy companies, to support the Energy Transition; not just from a geopolitical standpoint but to enable participants to navigate the finance and investment landscape.