The 3 Best Industrial Transformer Suppliers

published Jun 25, 2024
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Transformers are the foundation for distribution in the grid. They are the hidden heroes behind all energy-based operations, and you must find the best one to suit your needs. There are many different designs, voltages and configurations for an array of tech. The best industrial transformer suppliers are the ones that offer robust essentials while leaving room to expand verticals to please a diverse clientele.

1. GE Verona From General Electric

General Electric’s energy arm is GE Verona, and its team is leading the way in renewable energy-focused grid development. Its transformers are compatible with this vision, meant for supporting wind turbines, solar power and other clean power generators. GE Verona asserts how crucial transformers are to building a grid’s stability against outages.

Transformer Offerings and Features

GE Verona offers two major categories of transformers, including power and distribution varieties.

Transformer Type Category Variants
Conventional Power Autotransformers, generator step-up
Special Power Phase-shifting, transformers for SVC, industrial, low-maintenance, oil-immersed, HVDC converter
Green Power Base model only
Polemount and Padmount Distribution Single-phase and three-phase (padmount only)
Special Distribution Substations, cast coil, multitap
Network Transformers and Voltage Regulators Distribution Base models only

Supplier Highlights

After installation, the company provides these services throughout a high-voltage transformer’s life cycle, including:

  • Moisture control
  • Temperature management
  • Incipient fault detection
  • Corrective maintenance and diagnostics
  • Midlife overhauls
  • Site inspections

Employees also embrace the importance of modernizing with upgrades. Operators have a life-extension program for transformer parts and plans to phase out obsolescence of primary components. This includes oil and insulation to improve safety, sustainability and risk reduction.

2. Sunbelt Solomon

Sunbelt Solomon is a provider of comprehensive, turnkey energy solutions. It has been in operation for over 50 years, expanding its product lineup and service potential. The team prioritizes environmental compliance to certify their experience. Safety and ethical standards are also at top of mind, which are crucial for a balanced sustainability strategy. Sunbelt Solomon has the data to back up its promises to the planet:

  • It recycles over 1,000 transformers daily, equating to over 100 million pounds of recycled metal.
  • Teams have reused over one million gallons of oil for their products and recycled over five million gallons of mineral oil.
  • It saved nine million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents.
  • It has multiple EPA certifications.

Transformer Offerings and Features

Many of Sunbelt Solomon’s transformers are remanufactured. This is an overview of the prominent transformers and styles:

Transformer Type Size Voltage Configurations Best Installation Location
Substation 225 kVA to 85 MVA 208 volts to 230 kV Delta and Wye Secure places with units with low concentrations of flammable fluids for indoor applications
Padmount 25 kVA to 5 MVA 208 volts to 35 kV Single and three-phase Delta and Wye Commercial, industrial, generator step-up applications
Dry-Type 15 kVA to 2,500 kVA 120/240 single-phase to 15 kV three-phase Delta and Wye Low voltage applications between 120-690 volts for indoor and outdoor
Polemounted 5 kVA to 500 kVA 120/240 volts to 35 kV CSP and conventional styles Rentals ideal for temporary projects or distribution and industrial projects

Supplier Highlights

If any of these transformers and peripherals are not exactly what you need, the company promises a team of experienced engineers will craft a solution. The best industrial transformer suppliers encourage customers to challenge teams by requesting personalized designs. Custom, tailor-made designs fill the gaps in product offerings, making them a comprehensive answer without specifying every transformer type.

The best industrial transformer suppliers have a holistic recycling plan. Experts handle every step, from draining the oil and disconnecting the transformer to cleaning up and inspecting the area. If you do not need an entire field decommissioned, Sunbelt Solomon takes care of standard large transformer recycling in-house. Employees promise with their cradle-to-grave record-keeping that all tech will be ethically disposed of and repurposed if possible. The company also provides in- and field-service repair options.

3. Siemens Energy

Siemens Energy is globally recognized as a leader in energy transition, partly because of its contribution to the transformer sector.  Its team has operated for over 150 years, with nearly 100,000 staff members in 90 countries. It is one of the best suppliers around, considering this electrical giant’s technology is behind one-sixth of the world’s power generation.

One of its other claims to fame is its dedication to research and development. It has over €1 billion invested in these efforts, showing competitors how vital it is to constantly innovate.

The corporation’s ideology is based on the four D’s — demand, decentralization, decarbonization and digitalization. How does this reflect in its supplier offerings?

Transformer Offerings and Features

Siemens Energy has three categories of transformers — large and medium versions and specific models for industrial applications. The latter empowers industries like steel, electrolysis, mining and more.

However, it also offers more specific transformer types for an ever-expanding catalog of use cases.

Transformer Type Range Optimal Implementation
Phase-shifting ≤ 2000 MVA and ≤ 765 kV Creating balance between volatile or mismatched tech, retrofits
HVDC converter N/A Efficient onshore and offshore transmission
Shunt- and series reactors ≤10 MVAr to 300 MVAr (33 kV to 800 kV) Grid modernization and decarbonization because of energy optimization

The team promotes its transformers as bullet-resistant and sustainable, meant to be climate-resilient and operational with alternative insulation fluids.

Supplier Highlights

This business is founded on sustainability, which is why it has two notable transformer innovation highlights — Pretact Concept and Pretact Ecosafety. The former suggests its products improve power grids. The tech is modular for easy repairs but withstands natural disasters. Additionally, Ecosafety promises the machinery is safe for humans and nature.

Siemens provides countless products in addition to transformers, such as turbines, edge tech and compressors, and also delivers digital solutions. It allows transformer operators and grid designers to monitor emissions, engage in cybersecurity and upskill workforces with digitization.

The Best Industrial Transformer Suppliers

Transformers are a hot topic right now as grid modernization unfolds. Finding resources for critical machinery is crucial, and these suppliers have found ways to fill out their product lineup with the essentials and supplement it with remanufactured and customized options for every customer. Purchasing high-quality equipment from experienced, adaptable suppliers is critical for forging a grid outfitted to meet the needs of a demanding population.