7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Slow Fashion

published Sep 16, 2022
2 min read

Recently, there has been a growing concern about fast fashion which brings a detrimental impact on our environment and society. People start turning to slow fashion, which is simply the opposite of fast fashion. It encompasses an approach to producing clothes that considers all aspects of production and distribution to respect the planet, animals, and people.

Here are 7 reasons why you should consider slow fashion.

Reduce Waste

When we buy fast fashion, we’re encouraged by brands to keep producing items every season to keep up with the latest trends. Once we no longer wear the clothes, most of them end up in incinerators or landfills. Around 85% of textiles thrown away in the United States end up in landfills or burned.

Buying less or choosing timeless pieces can help reduce the amount of clothing waste in our communities and encourage companies to produce fewer garments.

Fair and Safer Working Conditions

Fast fashion retailers engage in unfair labor practices in order to keep their production costs low and simultaneously increase production for keeping up with new collections and latest trends. In some cases, these brands will even outsource their production to sweatshops, where workers are mistreated and forced to work long hours in unsafe conditions. It’s estimated that 98% of garment workers, of which 75% are young women, don’t earn a living wage.

However, slow fashion companies make sure that workers are treated fairly with respect and being paid in a living wage.

Lower Your Carbon Footprint

When you buy fast fashion clothing, you’re contributing to carbon emissions. The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, and much of this is due to the production of synthetic materials that are made from petrochemicals — raw materials that come out of oil and gas. Buying less or choosing a garment made sustainable can help reduce your carbon footprint.

Save Water

Water is one of our most valuable resources, yet the fashion industry is consuming it at an alarming rate. It requires approximately 2500 litres of water to produce a cotton shirt which is how much we normally drink eights cup per day for 3 years. 8000 litres of water are used to make one pair of jeans. It is important to avoid fast fashion to save water.

By buying less or choosing slow fashion brands, you’re helping to reduce the amount of water pollution in our communities.

Sustainable fashion stores like Vipop, curate brands that are more likely to cut their water usage or use low-impact dying methods that require far less water than synthetic fabrics. It’s better for our planet’s valuable water supply.

Lower Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

Have you ever stopped to think about what harmful chemicals go into your garments? It is estimated that over 8000 synthetic chemicals are used in the fashion manufacturing process, including the use of toxic dyes that can cause diseases, headaches, vomiting and even death.

Not only the workers face these issues, people who wear these clothing are exposing themselves to harmful chemicals that can lead to irritation, rashes and other health problems. Choosing ethical brands that produce garments made from sustainable fibre and natural dyes is less harmful to your health and the environment.

Support Animal Welfare

Fast fashion brings an impact not only on the environment, but also animals. Millions of animals are slaughtered to produce clothing made from wool, cashmere, fur, leather and so on. It is also cruel and unethical. Also, many animals are harmed due to the pollution from the fashion industry.

Slow fashion brands that use sustainable alternatives to real leather like the vegan counterpart, are supportive of animal welfare both indirectly and directly.

Save Money

Fast fashion items tend to be cheaper but mostly they are low-quality garments. When you start committing to slow fashion, you might spend higher per piece but in fact, you’re spending less in the long run. Slow fashion brands use high-quality textiles that are stretch resistant. Ultimately, you’ll buy less to save money.


Fast fashion encourages brands to produce low-quality garments that used hazardous chemicals in their production. They make little or even no effort to minimize its impact on the planet. If you care about the planet and start thinking about how you can do better, it’s time to join the movement.