Tips for Creating a Green Fleet Action Plan

published May 12, 2022
1 min read

There are plenty of benefits of making your business more environmentally friendly, from saving money to reducing your carbon footprint. More customers are looking to partner with environmentally-friendly businesses, so going green can also boost your bottom line. when you have a fleet, going green can be challenging, but luckily, there are a few ways to do so.

Consider Using Vehicle Telematics

With the use of telematics, you can more easily identify ways of reducing fuel usage and emissions. By using telematics, you can plan the route, put a fuel management system in place, and use cameras to record the behavior of your drivers. That way, you can identify potentially inefficient habits. Having fleet telematics available has many uses, and you can use it as a complete management system.

Get the Team on Board

Having a green policy in place isn’t just about getting the managers involved. You also need to have the input of the team so you can come up with a more comprehensive plan to meet your goals and ensure everyone is on board. You may want to work with supervisors, fuel managers, customers, and the fleet manager. It is a good idea to have a point of contact while you are developing and implementing your plan. You can also create a team of people from various departments that will be affected by the new policy. Get input from them, since they have experience with the daily operations and might be able to give insight you would not have thought of.

Evaluate Your Results

Although sustainability and profitability go hand in hand you will not know if the plan is working if you do not take the time to evaluate the results and tweak parts of the plan as you go. View your plan as a living document that will need to change over time. Going over your progress will help you see what you have accomplished and what you may still need to do. Block off some time once or twice a year to see if your processes are still working. This process does take effort and time, but if you do it right, the efforts can pay off. It allows you to reduce the usage of fuels that are not as environmentally friendly, reduce the cost of maintenance, recycle more, and be more sustainable. Your employees may take greater pride in a fleet that is better maintained.

Use Alternative Fuel

You might look for alternative forms of fuel to reduce your carbon footprint overall. Part of your plan can include information on how you will use alternatives. These will be based on what works best for your business’s applications. There are online tools that will help you calculate whether certain forms of fuel will have financial benefits. Depending on the ones you choose, you may be able to receive grants for specific forms of alternative fuel. and you may find that other forms offer quick paybacks. Of course, the impact on the environment can vary greatly, depending on the ones you choose to go for.