Different Types of Sheds You Can Go For

published Oct 07, 2021
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types of shed

If you’re getting a shed built for the first time, it can be too confusing to figure out what sort of shed you need. There are many different kinds of residential sheds, ranging from farm sheds to studio sheds. There are sheds made of timber, steel, and plastic, sheds built from a kit, and bespoke sheds constructed like a small house. Here are a few types of sheds to make decision-making easier for you.

Storage Sheds

Storage sheds are used as large outdoor cupboards. They are smaller in size and have built-in shelves. The floor space is used for storing everyday things like a lawnmower, a couple of bikes, and other seasonal recreation equipment8 like BBQ grills. Some people store their outdoor furniture, such as chairs and tables, in these sheds if the climate is too harsh. These sheds have very few windows and a few bulbs inside to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for.

Tool Sheds

Tool sheds are designed to store tools neatly and safely. They have a lot more space than storage sheds to have enough room for items such as a workbench. They usually have at least one window over the bench for some light. The walls have pegboards to hang tools to make them easily accessible. Tool sheds are usually made of wood; this material works best in all weather conditions with the proper maintenance.

Work Sheds

As the name suggests, work sheds are designed to work in. They are more spacious than the other two, making it easier to work inside. When building this, a lot more consideration is given to the owner’s comfort level as they would most likely spend hours working in there. They come with a lot more windows, adding to the comfort level of the shed.

Garden Sheds

These sheds are a mixture of storage, tool, and work sheds because gardeners use them for all things, but for gardening purposes only. It is spacious as it needs to be big enough to store all the gardening equipment separately. There are places assigned for tools, plant food, pesticides or herbicides, and gardening equipment. These sheds require a lot of natural light and are built using Western red cedar to go with the garden’s aesthetic. This wood does not only have excellent thermal insulation, but it is also durable and flexible.

Studio Sheds

Studios are more impressive forms of sheds. It is a more attractive, practical, professional-looking shed and people add it to their backyards, either as a spare room, recreational space, hobby or art studio, or home office. It looks more like a room than a rusty old shed, allowing you to personalize your space with the internal walls according to your taste.

Did You Find The Perfect Fit For You?

If you haven’t owned a shed before, now is your time. Sheds come in various sizes for various purposes. Hopefully, this article helped you choose the best one for you and your home!