What Home Improvements Are Included in the ECO4 Scheme

published Oct 30, 2023
1 min read

To get a greener and more sustainable future, the UK government has implemented various initiatives. These initiatives work towards reducing the overall carbon footprint and improving energy efficiency across the country.

The ECO scheme has undergone many stages, and the ECO4 is its fourth stage. This stage is focused towards improving the energy efficiency inside the homes. In this blog, we will learn about all the home improvements that are included in the ECO4 scheme.

Let’s read about them in detail.

1.      Wall Insulation

One of the biggest reasons for increased electricity and gas bills is the uninsulated walls of houses. The ECO4 scheme is working towards wall insulations in which it provides the residents with the required grants to insulate their walls. These properly insulated walls will then help in reducing heat loss and will result in lower energy bills.

This will eventually lead to an energy-efficient home, which will eventually cause carbon footprint to be reduced. Wall insulation is one of the most focused areas in the ECO4 scheme. This wall insulation is of many types, including cavity wall insulation, solid wall insulation, and external wall insulation.

You can learn about all these types here. The website provides a detailed explanation of everything included in the ECO4 scheme so that you will have a better idea.

2.      Boiler Upgrades

One of the major sources of heat consumption in your home is the heating system. What you can do to reduce this consumption is install an energy-efficient boiler. This will lead to considerable cost savings and will also contribute towards a carbon-free environment.

In this context, the government is installing condensing boilers in homes, which take less amount of fuel to generate the same heat as older boilers with more fuel. One more thing the government is investing in under the ECO4 scheme is the combination boilers. These boilers come with a water tank, so you don’t have to install a separate one.

3.      Window and Door Replacements

Windows and doors are the key areas that contribute to heat consumption, especially when they are old. The government is providing citizens with more energy-efficient options that will reduce heat consumption by trapping the heat inside.

These energy-efficient homes and windows have double or triple glazing, which provides better insulation compared to single glazing. These options provide an energy-efficient improvement solution for most homes.

4.      Renewable Technologies

Along with replacing the physical components, the ECO4 scheme is also working towards promoting renewable technologies to be installed in homes. These technologies include solar panels and air-source heat pumps. The solar panels work towards converting sunlight into electricity, which contributes towards reducing the carbon footprint.

The air source heat pumps work by converting the air into heat, which reduces your dependency on electricity and natural gas. Appliances like these conserve natural resources and work towards putting a positive impact on the environment.

If the ECO4 scheme succeeds in achieving that, it will be the biggest achievement of this century that will provide benefits for generations.