How Green Living Is So Important In Our Lives?

published Mar 26, 2021
3 min read

With increasing population and pollutants in the air, more and more brands have shifted to creating products that are more organic and help us in leading a green lifestyle. Almost all products like cars, bulbs, utensils, straws, and mainly mattresses and clothing are nowadays made keeping in mind the environmental factors.

These products are renewable, help us in water and energy conservation, and also helps in reducing pollution. They help us to live in a sustainable environment and while many of you would be surprised as to why this practice is important. Below we are mentioning some major reasons stating why a green lifestyle is needed in our lives.

Green living

Better Life Quality:

In a statistical report released by WHO, around 13 million deaths happen each year due to environmental hazards. To make it worse, multiple diseases are a result of surviving in a low-quality environment. Pulmonary diseases, asthma, stroke, issues in the heart are some of the same. Making environment-friendly and sustainable food choices, purchasing eco-friendly products, and recycling them can help curb pollution to some extent.

Similarly important is the consumption of healthier foods. Start by consuming eco-friendly foods by buying from local vendors, buying organic and seasonal foods, etc. These foods are made of lesser pesticides that go into our bodies. Too much exposure to pesticides harms the natural hormones present in our body and as a result, we face many health issues like lack of immunity, hormonal changes, infertility, and also cancer.

Through water and energy conservation, we are saving both natural resources and as well as money. The light bulbs and other electronic gadgets that are available in the market produce 2.3 billion tons of Carbon Dioxide that pollutes the air a lot. Today there are LED bulbs available in the market that are environmentally friendly and also save energy. Using such energy-efficient appliances reduces up to 30 % of the annual electricity bill.

Benefits for the Environment:

We all know that our natural resources are disappearing at a faster pace and the use of these resources has only tripled in the last 4 decades. So, when we are recycling products, we automatically contribute to slowing down the consumption of such resources. When we recycle a ton of paper, we save approx 20,000 trees, 380 gallons of crude oil, 4000-kilowatt energy, and 9000 gallons of water. Mind-boggling isn’t it.

Also, the burning of fossil fuels contributes to climate change. Such energy emits carbon dioxide that causes pollution in our environment. The only way of combating environmental change is to reduce energy consumption. You can switch to energy-efficient appliances to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide to a great extent. By taking such steps to conserve energy in our homes can help a lot in reducing the spread of carbon into our planet.

Introducing Green living at Our Homes

While we discussed using energy-efficient appliances in our homes, why not focus on using organic mattresses in our bedrooms. We spend almost 10 hours on our bed, take rest and using an eco-friendly solution is an ideal one.

Organic Mattress

There are many types of mattresses available like the memory foam mattress, the polyfoam mattress, the latex, or the innerspring mattress. While looking for a suitable one among these, look for certifications that would indicate that the materials are eco-friendly and do not contain elements like mercury, lead, etc. Also, check that they are not made with formaldehyde and have low VOC. Check if the foams are made without ozone depleters. Also, latex mattresses are an ideal one and are very much eco-friendly.

Benefits of Organic Mattress

Mentioned below are some of the benefits of using an organic and eco-friendly mattress in your bedroom.

Comfortable: The organic mattresses can provide you a comfortable sleep at night. Also, they help a great deal in reducing the pressure points in your body.

Help in Regulating Heat Naturally: The organic mattresses are made of cotton and wool. They help a great deal at regulating body temperature and moisture. Cotton helps in keeping your body cool and fresh and the wool present in the mattress helps soak moisture. Together, these two elements help in maintaining the perfect body temperature for a peaceful sleep.

Ideal for Health: The synthetic materials present in the memory foam mattress fuses with several chemicals to provide the health and safety standards that are required for your well-being.

Ideal for the Environment: Such organic mattresses are not only beneficial to your health but are very much ideal for the environment as well as the planet. These mattresses have natural elements and they don’t contain any sort of harsh chemicals. That is why; these organic mattresses are also biodegradable.

Resistance to Allergies: Since these mattresses are made of eco-friendly products, they are very much breathable and resistant to allergies. They are also resistant to fire, mold, mildew, etc. But beware latex and wool sometimes causes allergies.

Using eco-friendly products is very much beneficial for the environment and also for you. Many brands are available from manufacturers such as organic and eco-friendly mattresses. You can search for them online. And if you want to feel and experience them personally, then look for such outlets in your local area. You can search for mattress stores near me on your device and can easily locate such outlets.

Not only mattresses but, sheets and linens can be eco-friendly as well. There are brands manufacturing sheets and linens that are devoid of harmful substances and are made in environmentally-friendly facilities.


Adopting a green lifestyle is very much important and they help a great deal in reducing the pollution that affects our health and the environment as well as protects the natural resources. These energy-efficient appliances are not only beneficial but also very pocket-friendly. They can be easily recycled and recycling facilities are available in most of the cities in the world today. More and more companies are coming up with products that are manufactured in an eco-friendly way. Let us take this small step towards preserving natural resources, the environment, and nature.