How to Create a Modern City in 5 Steps

published Jul 11, 2017
1 min read

People had a great challenge to define the meaning of “contemporary city” because it needed to also fit the standards of the 21st century. Cities differ by culture, history, political context, and geography. In addition, they face constant issues such as migration, the flow of goods, and economic crisis. It is difficult to stay on track of the changes and concentrate on building a modern city.

However, researchers have gathered information from around the world and presented 5 ideas that would highlight the fascination trend of “smart city”.

Create bike lanes and pedestrian streets: biking is the cleanest mean of transportation and promotes a healthy lifestyle. While walking is the most practical way because, usually, every trip begins and ends with a walk. Both ways allow high levels of community interaction and promote sustainable development.

Provide multiple residential options: culturally, ethnically, and socially, demographic diversity increases significantly while the residential options remain the same, which means that in many cities you can only find three to four types of housing.

The population diversity should be reflected through a wider range of houses. For example, a modern city should provide single-family houses, bungalows, apartments, skyscrapers, rebuilt old houses, and residences.

Organise the infrastructure: in the eyes of citizens, the infrastructure is the most important facility of a society. In particular, it comprises regular means of transportation that give an overall impression regarding the organisation of the city. These places should be optimised in the first place for easy movement through the city.

The access points and stations should be equipped with the newest technology able to give the precise arrival and departure time. Even better if they use solar panels for charging and are located in convenient places. Moreover, several interconnected means of transport with improved capacities should be introduced.

Involve nature: numerous natural disasters such as floods or hurricanes and global warming made people more conscious of the importance of respecting ecosystems. It leads to creating a more pleasant environment through building parks, renovating green areas and planting flowers in every possible corner.

Green public spaces will make the citizens spend more time outdoors and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful sights of a modern city. But, we should take into account that these places have to also be safe, comfortable, and accessible.

Involve communities: not only the government is responsible for creating a modern city, but also people should reconsider their daily activities and get more involved in improving the overall image of the place they live in.

Promoting an eco-friendly environment, following the general rules of conduct in the city and developing the civic spirit will change your mentality and make you rethink about the definition of a contemporary city. As a result, new minds will be able to bring new ideas on how to improve your city.

In this article, we presented a couple of ideas on how you can help add a wave of modernity to your city. Still, there are many controversies on how the things should look like because new trends emerge and influence our visions.