Energy Storage Australia 2016

published Jun 27, 2016
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The Spring of Booming Australian Household Energy Storage Market

——ESA2016 Australia Energy Storage Conference is Drawing Near

At the end of 2015, Australian rooftop solar system installation has exceeded more

than 1.5 million households. The electricity price is 0.05-0.08 Australian dollars and

in this case, the number of users increased ten thousand per month.


About 1.5 million kWh of energy storage market can be expected, while the

government FIT contract covering 300,000 users will expire at the end of 2016.


In 2017, the small energy storage system with the rooftop PV system will have an

installed capacity of about 500 thousand kWh. By 2020, the retail price of electricity

for the small energy storage system is expected to fall at 0.9 Australian dollars/ Wh,

according to the authority of AEMO (Australian Energy Market Operater).

Facing the huge market demand

What kind of energy storage products are more suitable for customers in Australia?

What certification testing is necessary for the energy storage products to enter

Australian market?

How can the energy storage products be sold to the Australian consumers? Directly,

through distributor, or through the electricity retailers? What kind of sales model is

more suitable for you?


7th Energy Storage Australia Conference & Exhibition (ESA2016) will bring you a

comprehensive answer. On the basis of successful experiences in 2014 and 2015, the

conference will make landfall on October 11 -12, 2016 in Melbourne, Australia. This

conference will talk about the worldwide solar power grid and energy storage

application areas within the scope of government organization, association, power

grid companies, power companies, energy companies, mine owners and other

project owner units, research institutes, energy storage battery manufacturers,

photovoltaic (PV) & energy storage system integrator and solution provider, material

suppliers, etc.

350+ Delegates

30+ Exhibitors

30+ Keynote Speakers

50+ Battery Distributors

20+ Australia’s Electric Power Retail Company

Participation in interactive communications, interpreting industry trends and hot

topics, sharing advanced technology and project experience. You can't miss it!

Key Topics

  • Status and development trends of worldwide renewable energy
  • The government’s policy support, supervision of photovoltaic (PV ) + energy

storage, certification, and incentives

  • Power grid companies, energy companies and photovoltaic (PV ) + battery

energy storage project demonstration and introduction

  • Distributed energy storage and rooftop photovoltaic (PV ) case sharing
  • Batteries, inverters, battery management systems and other technologies

discussion and products release

  • Australia’s energy storage market financing and business model exploration


If you already have your own energy storage products, please bring your

products to show on the summit, the summit will also arrange professional one

to one meeting and luncheon for sponsors and delegates.

Who will attend

Government & Regulators Associations

Grid Operators & Renewable Energy Companies


Energy Storage Projects Owners

Energy Retailers


Electric Power Research Institute

Green Community Developers

Companies Needs Uninterrupted Power Supply (e.g. Miners)

Investor and Financiers

Battery Manufacturers & BMS,PCs, Inverter Manufacturers

Energy Storage Integrators/ESS/Solution Providers

Sales Distributors of Battery, BMS,PCSand Inverters

Australian local companies confirmed or under inviting, please look forward to



Australia Energy Regulator

Australian Government Department of Environment

Australian Greens

Australia Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA)



Clean Energy Council (CEC)


Department of Energy, United States of America (DOE)

ElectraNet Pty Ltd

Endeavour Energy



Ergon Energy

Essential Energy


Grid Australia

Green Energy Trading

Hydro Tasmania

SP AusNet

Powerlink Queensland

United Energy

Western Power

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