Building a Sustainable Workplace Means Caring for Your Employees and the Planet

published Oct 28, 2022
3 min read

Safety. Sustainability. Productivity. They are all priorities for every company out there. But what you may not know is that they are also connected. Productivity can’t exist without safety and sustainability. Lately, there have been more discussions about sustainability, and companies have started to embrace eco-friendly practices. But many associate this concept with environmental decisions when it’s actually more than that.

Workplace sustainability is about people, too. No company can call itself sustainable unless it promotes the welfare and safety of its workers. Investing in workplace safety results in increased business productivity.

Employees perform much better when they feel entirely safe at work. Thus, you must create a sustainable workplace if you want to achieve business continuity. Ultimately, companies can become successful by caring for the planet and their employees’ well-being.

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Understanding the importance of employee safety

Employees are the greatest asset of every company out there. You need them so that your business can thrive. By investing in their safety and health, you’ll manage to earn your employees’ trust, loyalty, and motivation. Implementing safety procedures can help reduce the risks of injuries and illnesses among your employees, which can significantly benefit your business. Many companies provide effective training designed to teach workers about hazardous materials, improper hygiene, and how to prevent potential injuries.

Every workplace poses risks in one way or another, whether it’s the equipment, chemicals, or specific activities that can cause harm to employees. Businesses working with particular chemicals and gases are at high risk of inadequate handling, storage or maintenance, which are all dangerous and can sometimes even be deadly for employees.

Thus, it’s paramount to establish an evacuation and emergency plan that can save workers’ lives in dangerous situations. Workplace safety should be at the forefront of any company, as it can benefit them by resulting in increased profits, better productivity, satisfied workers, and respect.

Workplace sustainability can go a long way in your business

People spend a lot of time at work, so their working days should feel as enjoyable as possible rather than stressful. Companies can provide that by creating a sustainable work environment. A healthy workplace translates into happier employees and fewer accidents at work. Occupational accidents are often fatal, and medical expenses, compensations, and workers’ injuries cost businesses a lot of money.

According to this No Win No Fee solicitors guide, workers can claim compensation for psychological and physical injuries. Depending on the type of injury, they may be entitled to receiving compensation worth as much as £282,010. Sustainability translates into increased profit for businesses, and it shows that you care for your employees and the planet equally.

After realising that a sustainable workplace can increase their profit, companies have taken different measures, like choosing a different kind of lighting to decrease electricity bills, using passive heating and cooling, and promoting healthy foods at work. But sustainability isn’t only great for companies, but for consumers, too.

If you commit to the planet and play your part in protecting it, you’re more likely to earn people’s respect. Nowadays, people care for the environment and health more than they did in the past, and consumers would rather buy from eco-friendly brands.

On the contrary, unsustainable business practices, like bad food, poor air quality, water issues, and more, affect your company’s reputation. Employees care about these aspects, but their energy and productivity will decrease if the impacts are negative. All things considered, building a sustainable workplace is the key towards success. Fortunately, there are many ways to achieve that, and we’ll discuss them further.

Implement a sustainable policy

Implementing an environmental policy in your company is an excellent way to embrace sustainability. This will help you outline why you are creating an eco-friendly workplace and the steps you want to take to achieve that goal. Start small by asking team members to consider how they work and evaluate the amount of waste they produce during the day. Having a plan in place is a great starting point to get your employees on board regarding your eco-friendly practices.

Go paperless

You should minimise paper use as much as possible, and nowadays, this is possible due to technological advancements. Greenhouse gas production can reduce considerably if companies cut paper usage; thus, encourage your employees to use tools like Google Drive to store documents.

Reduce energy consumption

Reducing energy usage in your company doesn’t only save you money, it also benefits the environment. Using less energy reduces the production of CO2. To that end, you should take advantage of natural light whenever you can and utilise technologies like light sensors. This is an excellent way to move to eco-friendly energy usage in your company.

Keep things simple and effective

You should focus on making the workplace as simple and effective as possible. Plan the workplace space so that the workflow is easy, and enable employees to show their knowledge without experiencing many issues.

No one wants to work in a cluttered space – it affects productivity and generally leads to poor business results. Also, consider the colours you choose for the workplace, the space’s air quality, and the furniture’s ergonomics.

Encourage healthy living among employees

Workplace sustainability goes hand in hand with your employees’ health. So, as an employer, you should promote a healthier lifestyle among your team members. Schedule a meeting and discuss exercise, bad eating habits, and healthy living.

Consider implementing a no-smoking policy in your enterprise premise or encourage workers to take the stairs rather than the elevator. Also, you can invite them to sports events or offer a gym membership. Employees who adopt healthier habits are more likely to bring incredible business solutions and perform better.

Are you ready to embrace sustainability?

Sustainability is necessary now more than ever, and companies should be aware of their power to reduce their carbon footprint. By implementing some simple yet effective measures, they can play their part in protecting the planet and prioritising employees’ health and well-being.

Happy employees are productive, and companies with a healthy organisational culture will likely thrive in a competitive and ever-changing market.