The Politics Behind Going Green

published May 09, 2016
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Politics behind going green- field

Thinking about going green? After having done some research you might have come to the conclusion that whether you are thinking about getting solar panels, heat pumps or a new boiler, it is quite the investment. However, most governments are willing to assist you financially. Ever wondered why they are so willing?


If you are contemplating on whether you should update or change the way your home or workplace currently produces and uses energy it would be a good idea to look into the different ways your local government can assist you financially.

The first step in the process to getting a grant is to figure out what you need. The type of grant you can apply for depends on a couple of different things, like:

  • The ‘greener’ way of energy production that your household would benefit from (solar panels, boilers, et cetera.);
  • Energy usage of your household
  • Income;

The website of the UK government could give you more clarity on this. After you have determined what type of grant would be best in your situation, make sure you educate yourself on the product you are purchasing and the specific grant you are interested in.

If you come to a point where you know what you want, how you can get it and how the government can help, apply!

Politics behind going green -Lamps

Why All The Support?

The answer to the question above is pretty straight forward. Climate change and the declining amount of older sources of energy are a fact. The European Union takes this issue pretty seriously. So action is being taken to make sure that the future of our planet is somewhat safe.  At least when it comes to the sustainability of energy sources.

The goal, set in 2007, is that at least 20% of the European energy needs comes from renewable sources. This has to be achieved by 2020.

Because the European Union exists out of a lot of different countries that differ from each other on many different fronts, individual goals have been set. For the United Kingdom, it was decided that at least 15% of her energy needs have to be met by the use of renewables.

Setting goals is just part of getting to an end result. It is the action that counts. To achieve these goals the UK government does what she can to push its citizens to make greener choices.

Convincing people to go green is being done by helping citizens out financially, removing roadblocks as much as possible, reducing regulation and working on new technologies.

So again if you believe going green might be a good idea, do not hesitate to knock on your government’s door.