What are the Green News From the World?

published Dec 06, 2014
1 min read

An Increasing Shift Towards Renewables…


Nowadays more and more countries are turning to renewable sources of energy. It is nice to see that all over the word there are many initiatives going on and that many countries are achieving excellent results. Let’s take a tour around the world to see what is going on and get some green inspiration and hope.

Solar and Wind Energy in India

The Indiain government needs to take action to ensure that electricity will be provided to everyone. There is the possibility to use coal as a resource but solar energy seems to be more efficient with solar panel prices decreasing. The current energy production from solar energy is of about 3 gigawatts and installation sites will double by next year.

India has a high solar energy potential, but wind energy is also another important resource that has even greater potential. The amount of energy produced is increasing exponentially over time and it is expected to jump from 25 gigawatts next year to 50 gigawatts in 2020.

Solar Energy in France


France hasn’t focused so much on green energy in the past years but it is now committing to long term plans. Although it only produces 5 gigawatts of energy from the sun accounting for only 1% of the total output, companies are willing to increase this share since renewable energy makes much more financial sense than new nuclear centers.

Electricity From Renewables in Germany


In 2014 Germany got most of the electricity from renewables and it aims at reducing even more its carbon emissions. In some cases the gains from energy were higher than the costs of producing and this is the final goal in order for this approach to be sustainable. If  Furthermore, Germany is spending much less than any advanced country using other energy sources.

Renewable Plans in South Africa


South Africa already operates a solar plant and is planning to create a thermal plant that will be the biggest project ever realized in Africa. The country currently relies on coal, but future stages include a shift to hydroelectric power imported from Congo and the use of renewables at a larger scale.


Solar Plants in the USA


Technical advancement that will make energy production from solar energy even cheaper have been developed in San Diego. The new system could make solar plants designed as the ones in South Africa even more efficient and speed up the shift from fossil fuels to renewables.

These news bring good hopes and spur the development of renewables. It is predicted that the shift to renewables will be natural as there will be a realization of a win-win situation where benefits accrue to individuals, communities and the planet and since people will understand that the financial gains of switching to green energy are significant.