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According to the policy regarding the Internet plus smart energy development from China State Council, we would establish the pilot and demonstration projects for different types and the different size and establish the standardised system for the Energy Internet Technology to form the technology norm. We would gradually establish the industrial system for the Energy Internet by the end of 2025 to push the development for realizing the Internet internationalization, We need to actively establish the smart energy system during the thirteenth five years to promote the combination between the energy and the information field, combining the construction for the infrastructure among the energy and communication to develop the Energy Internet with the coordination for the “Source-Internet-load -storage” which is complex and complimentary. It predicts that the market capacity for the Energy Internet in China would exceed 940 billion dollars, it equals to 70% for the GDP.

The Second Energy Internet and The belt & road Forum will be held by CDMC. The conference will be held on September 21st-22nd! We predict there will be over 500 delegates, the conference will cover several sections, the introduction for the demonstration for the latest projects and hot issues discussion for the industry in depth, and we devote ourselves to promote the healthy and high-speed development for the Energy Internet Industry, build the international communication platform. We would help the participants to know more about the industry news and embrace the bright future through communicating with the elites from the industry.