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Date: Aug.1618, 2017 Venue: China Import & Export Fair Complex

Approved By:

Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of Guangdong Province

Sponsored by:

China Household Electrical Appliances Association Solar Electronics Committee

International Solar Energy Society

Pakistan Renewable Energy Society

Sino-Spanish Association for Energy and Sustainability

Water Heating Exhibition 2017 · Exhibition Scope

Heat pump product and equipment: Household & Commercial air source water heater, air-source

heat pump water heater, water source heat pump, etc.

Solar water heating equipment: Various types of flat panel solar collector, heat pipe tubular

collector, split pressurised solar water heater, etc.

Electric water heater: instantaneous electric water heaters, storage type electric water heaters etc.

Gas water heater: vertical type water heater, flue water heater, balanced water heater, forced

exhaust water heater, forced to exhaust water heater, outdoor-type water heaters, etc.

Related accessories and equipment, water management system, hot water solution, energy-saving hot water project, etc.

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