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On 16th October our participants will have a chance to visit the the world’s biggest biomethanation plant: The 1 MWe BioCat plant located at the Biogas Park Avedore, near Copenhagen.
The plant is maintained and operated by Electrochaea

Power2Gas Conference, taking place on 17-18 October 2018 in Copenhagen, will bring together major stakeholders from the industry to explore the latest developments related to this technology. We invite you to join your peers for 2 days of interactive presentations and networking sessions in order to build a decarbonized society with P2G.

Key topics:

  • EU renewable energy regulatory framework and directives
  • Examination of running projects – practical case studies
  • P2G economics – reducing CAPEX & OPEX
  • Latest technological advancements
  • Convergence of power and gas infrastructures
  • Hydrogen storage improvements and safety issues
  • P2G for mobility and chemical sector
  • Achieving commercialization stage – opportunities, challenges, funding, patrnerships

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