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Problem solvers, trailblazers, innovators and visionaries have always been at the heart of the power sector.
Power & Electricity World Africa has secured the visionaries who invent the power future.

The Power & Electricity World Africa keynotes are the foremost global and African minds in power and electricity.
These thought leaders and influencers will be coming together to explore the question:
What energy future do we want and how do we shape it?

They will also address trends, innovations and new developments that will shape the sector.
With a lack of legacy infrastructure, African is well positioned to take charge of its energy future
and our keynotes will help the continent do just that.


Africa’s continued economic growth is dependent on the continent’s ability to increase its generation capacity
as well as connecting more people to the grid.
Africa’s Power Ministers have the responsibility to connect 600 million people to the grid.

Join us as we ask them how they plan on electrifying the continent.
They will share their vision for the sector. They will also talk about how you can work with their governments
to take advantage of the opportunities within their various countries.


More than US $800 billion in capital is needed to electrify Africa, and yes, investors are ready to commit!
Fuelled by strong economic growth and the right investment climate, investors are actively investing in the sector.

There is no denying that the power sector is a hot asset class, just ask our investors.
They will be at Power & Electricity World Africa looking for new projects to invest in.