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Peru’s renewable energy dawn is fast approaching…

Drawing on our experience and history as a catalyst for renewable energy business, developments and investments across Latin America we’re turning to Peru in 2017 and backing it to be big. Across 3 days of content, high-level networking and exhibition PENREC will delve into the policies, regulations,  macro-economic factors, incentives, financing landscapes, development appetite and energy infrastructure that unite to make Peru a hot renewable ticket. PENREC is designed to ensure you are positioned to seize the emerging opportunities in Peru’s renewable energy space with gusto, equipping you with the knowledge and contacts to formulate a winning strategy.

Four successful renewable energy auctions held so-far, continued economic growth, a stable and business friendly government, investment grade and welcoming of international players  not to mention vast proven resources mean Peru is on the verge of a renewable breakthrough, in a big way. Policymakers, regulators, financers, investors and critically developers are all committed to realising Peru’s wind, solar, biomass and small hydro potential. The last  auctions, culminating in ground breakingly low prices for wind and solar offer just a sneak-peak at what could be possible in Peru, as well as evidence of unwavering commitment from leaders in Latin America’s renewable space.

Under the spotlight at PENREC this June:

  • Policy: How the government views the current and future role of renewables in driving economic growth
  • Regulation: Dissecting auctions so far and understanding how to capitalise on future auctions
  • Transmission: Analysing Peru’s transmission infrastructure and how it can absorb renewable capacity
  • Finance: Pinpointing who are providing the capital to realise projects and how deals are secured and structured
  • Development: The perspectives, strategies and appetites of developers large and small, international and domestic
  • Case studies: Lessons learnt, timeframes and critical success factors of utility scale projects so far
  • Role of renewables: The role of renewable energy alongside major natural gas and hydro power projects
  • Off-grid: Commercial opportunities for renewables to electrify Peru’s 10% without grid access
  • Renewables for Peru’s mining sector: Wind, solar and small hydro as solutions to the mining sector’s thirst for electricity
  • Going beyond the 5% renewable demand? When will 10, 15 and 20% be possible?