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The Business Network for Offshore Wind’s International Partnering Forum (IPF) is the leading technical conference for offshore wind in the United States and is dedicated to moving the industry forward. Offshore wind brings new revenue streams and thousands of jobs to the US. The 2020 IPF began in April with IPF Virtual sessions, continues in June with bi-weekly IPF Livestream series, and culminates August 18-20 (the same dates as the previously-scheduled IPF Together), with an opening plenary, WindMatch networking opportunities, CareerMatch job fair, research poster sessions, and much more. Let’s work together to keep moving this new US industry forward.

What Makes the IPF Special?

Meet 200+ Expert Speakers from Around the World

Explore the biggest OSW ideas and learn from the most experienced people in the industry. Gain insights through policy briefings led by state, federal and international agencies. Get inspired by real-life experiences in thoughtful keynotes and workshops that cover everything from new technologies to managing risk in the OSW industry.

Engage in Numerous Technical Workshops

More than 100 technical workshops cover everything from new technologies to managing risk in the OSW industry.

Meet Your Next Partner @ WindMatch™

WindMatch™ sessions are one-on-one, half-hour meetings with other offshore wind businesses. Develop networks for business financing, business-to-business sales, education, and workforce development as well as opportunities to expand into markets nationally and internationally. You must register for WindMatch™ in advance. Find out more details about WindMatch™ here.