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ICT Solutions presents its International Renewable Energy Forum 2018 which will be hosted on the 6th and 7th of September in Vienna, Austria. Bringing together 100 + Renewable Energy Experts / Professionals /Leaders from across the globe.

These two days our delegates will have the opportunity to see, listen and join in highly interactive Panel Discussions, Q+A Sessions to understand the latest Trends in Renewable Energy.

Key Take-Aways include the below:

•       Processing Waste into Clean Energy while Achieving 95% Municipal Waste Recycling
•       Insights on Corporate Renewable Power Purchase Agreement (Corporate PPA
•       Outlook at European Climate and Energy Framework 2030
•       Project Financing of Renewable Energy with and without long term price security
•       Participatory governance of energy transition: example of the Climate and Energy Model Regions in Austria
•       Opportunities in clean energy across LatAm, describing the various merits and weaknesses of individual markets (Mexico vs Brazil vs Argentina vs Chile)
•       Renewable Energy Investments in Europe in Biomass
•       Investment opportunities to support modern energy systems – storage and charging as game-changers

Carlos St James – Board member of Latin American & Caribbean Council on Renewable Energy
Allan Baker – Managing Director, Global Head of Power at Société Générale
Anna Chmielewska – Principal Banker at European Bank
Sophie Dingenen – Partner at Bird & Bird, Global Steering Committee Member Energy & Utilities, Co-Head of the International Renewables Group
Rosario Piazzese – Vice President of International Federation of Green & Global ICT
Ranjan Moulik – Managing Director, Global Head of Power at Société Générale
Dr. Nadejda Komendantova – Group Risk, Policy and Vulnerability Program – International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis – IIASA
Greg Stace –  CEO Earthed BV
Mario Riello – Managing Director Renewable Energy at SunPower
Gregory Wilcox – OrbisTech, LLC
Dr. Markus Bolhàr-Nordenkampf – Director CEN Energy Sales and Service Operations
Hans-Christian Schulze – Country Manager North America at Eolus North America, Inc