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Entering 2019, the global refining and petrochemical industry is witnessing a new normal – industry pioneers are embracing digitalisation; oil and petrochemical giants are expanding to renewables; and residue to value, crude to chemical, new routes to olefins, ride-sharing and electric vehicles are no longer buzz words.

Meanwhile, the industry continues to discuss what’s on after 2020: the surging refinery capacity especially of clean fuel, the slower demand growth of chemicals, the new supply of shale gas, and the decarbonising world.

The International Refining & Petrochemical Forum 2019 this year in Seoul, Korea, aims at providing a unique platform for industry leaders to shed lights on the challenges and key issues mentioned above and to get ready for the journey towards the sustainable profitability.

How to achieve the sustainable profitability? Korea is thinking ahead and experiencing steadfast industrial restructuring. During two full days’ intensive discussion, industry players can carry out strategies and best practices for improving margins, lowering cost, optimizing energy and operational efficiency, and even creating new ideas. During the conference, local regulators and mega projects owners will actively ensure such implementation and creation to be properly leveraged.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it!”

Let’s get started in Seoul this October!