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International Conference on Renewable & Non Renewable Energy (Energy Conference) will be held on July 16-17, 2018 Las Vegas, USA.

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Importance of Energy Workshop 

Energy Meeting is to provide an opportunity to meet researchers from different subfields and have a global overview of the latest progress on Renewable & Non Renewable Energy. Energy Workshop is a platform for academicians, researchers, engineers, as well as industrial professionals from all over the world to exhibit their research results and development activities in Energy. The Energy conference is focus on new Green Technologies to establish clear, reliable and affordable Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy supplies. It facilitates an opportunity to exchange information, experiences and best practices by making together adept, investors and other multi stake holders.

Deliberating the world, global warming suppression is compelling matter. Coping these issues, we are developing new projects involving renewable energy using innovative ideas in Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy Conference. Open presentation and discussion in the Energy Meeting about ongoing research, experiences and result quite significant toward the development of twenty first century technology, considering moreover the various worldwide intelligences gather together.

Why Energy Conference in Las Vegas:

The city of Las Vegas (City of Sun) is the first large city in the country and one of the first major customers in Nevada to be served exclusively with renewable energy. The city of Las Vegas has met their clean energy goals and is powering municipal facilities and buildings with various forms of renewable energy.

In partnership with NV Energy, every streetlight, city park, community center, fire station, service yard and public building owned by the Las Vegas city, totaling 140 facilities, will be 100 percent powered by renewable energy.