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Smart Grid and Smart Cities have been the hottest subjects during the recent years in Turkey and ICSG is being organized for the 7th time in Istanbul in consecutive 7 years. The Congress attracted over 10.000 sectorial representatives and delegations from more than 50 countries last year. The Congress is being supported by EMRA (similar to FERC); the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources; Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology; Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications; and Ministry of Environment and Urban Development. Associations such as ELDER (Electric Utilities), GAZBIR (Gas Distributors) and The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality are also supporting the Congress. Audiences will not only be from Turkey but also from Europe, Eurasia, Middle East and Africa. International Smart Grid Congress and Smart Cities Congress and Fair to be held on April 25-26, 2019 in Halic Congress Center Istanbul, Turkey.