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To support the move towards digitalization the Forum will bring together hydropower asset owners, decision makers and all related stakeholders to discuss enhancing hydropower plant efficiency through digitalization. The 2-day meeting will offer the actionable insights of digitalization from data analytics to increasing values of power plants while minimizing risks and reducing operational costs. Updates about the Forum: Energy Sector Group on LinkedIn.

Key Themes include:

  • Cyber security vulnerabilities and mitigating measures for hydro power plants
  • Digitizing hydro for O&M optimization and new business models
  • Harnessing the power of big data within hydro O&M
  • Implementing predictive analytics for operation optimization within hydropower plants
  • Leveraging advanced condition monitoring and predictive maintenance for hydro O&M optimization
  • Exploring AI, ML and the role of Blockchain in hydropower industry

Some of the Confirmed Speakers:

Norsk Hydro Energi, EDF Hydro, VERBUND Hydro, Innogy, Hydro-Quebec, Andritz Hydro, Uniper Anlagenservice, Enel Green Power, Østfold Energi, GE Renewable Energy, VERBUND Services.

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