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This year the event will be exclusively co-located with Biogas PowerON2020, making networking even more exciting with a joined exhibition area!

Growing pressure to lower emissions and replace fossil fuels is leading to biggest ever range of biofuels such as ethanol, biodiesel and bio-methanol and other green fuels.

This green transition is a critical challenge facing the world. However, the decisions facing stakeholders such as producers, growers, regulators and investors are complex. That is why we will tackle this raising question and make new ideas with market participants.

Future of Biofuels 2020 is set to bring industry stakeholders, unique content, workshops and networking. Join us for newly researched agenda, latest market news, excellent keynote speakers & technical insights! Please check our reviews in press.

Key topics discussed during our 2-day interactive event:

  • Economics & Sustainability challenges
  • Latest innovations, technologies and trends in the industry
  • Biofuels in transportation
  • European regulations and policies for the industry
  • Financing and investing strategies
  • and many other presented by renown experts.

Our conference draws the attention of industry leaders and experts like: Nordic Green, Gasum, Fuels Europe, European Biodiesel Board and others.

Who Should Attend?

The Future of Biofules 2020 Conference will bring together top level experts ranging from biofuels producers, Oil refineries, Transportation Companies, Feedstock Traders & Distribution Companies, Renewable Energy Consultancies, technology providers, Regulatory & Research experts to Government organisations and others.

Why Should You Join the Future of Biofuels 2020?

Gain a comprehensive overview of the global biofuels market on this 2 day event filled with presentations from industry end-users and running projects case studies.

Hear experts focus on new regulatory framework, changing demand, biofuels economics and more.

Registration now open!