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Renewable Energy – Neither “depleted” nor “replenished”!

Renewable energies – Sum up of clean and inexhaustible energy sources which include Biomass, Geothermal, Hydrogen, Wind, Solar, Hydropower etc., as it originates and adapts to natural cycles hence the name “Renewables”.

This increasingly competitive energy source is an indispensable partner in combating climate change. Rather conventional energy, renewable technologies are the major sources in many growing parts of the world which also reduces the energy dependency.

The main objective of this congress is to discuss about the transition towards a low carbon economy resulting in the overall global growth. So in the economies of scale and innovation of a country, Renewable energy is not only the most sustainable solution environmentally but also economically.

Renewable Energy 2019 provides an acting stage at the “Capital of England” – London, the UK for energy integration. Join hands in this global gathering towards an effort in assisting human and environment to create a clean and green community.

Combat Climate Change! Conserve Energy Future!

Conference Highlights (Topics)

  1. Bioenergy – Biomass and Biofuel
  2. Geothermal Energy
  3. Wind Energy
  4. Solar Energy
  5. Hydropower and Ocean Energy
  6. Energy for Sustainable Development
  7. Green Energy and Economy
  8. Next-Generation Wind Technology
  9. From Smart Grids to Smart Cities
  10. Hydrogen Energy – Harvest to Energise
  11. Waste to Energy
  12. Energy Storage and Conservation
  13. Accelerating Action for a Low-Carbon World
  14. Offshore Wind Power
  15. Zero Emission Transportation Revolution
  16. Tech, Innovation and a Climate Safe Future
  17. The role of Renewables in Combating Climate Change
  18. Global Renewable Energy Investment and Trends
  19. Nano Technology for Renewable Energy
  20. Environmental Impact Assessment
  21. Climate Change Agreement – Paris Agreement

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Participant Category Early Booking (Mar 15, 2019)
Speaker $400
Delegate $300
Young Researcher (Speaker) $250
Student Delegate $200
Poster Presentation $200
Exhibitor Registration $1,500

Contact Person

Sarah Scott
Renewable Energy 2019
Phone No: +32 (800) 709-48

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