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Battery Technology – “The Striking Change for the Energy Future”
Attend. Analyze. Accentuate!

The future of the way we make, transmit, and use power rests heavily on the shoulders of energy storage technology. Hence, Battery Forum 2019 – becomes a must-attend event which Watts up the present and future of Battery & Energy storage technologies with the Theme: Futuristic Technologies in next-gen Batteries & Energy Storage Evolution.

It gathers the world’s best executives, business professionals, researchers, engineers, and leading suppliers around the world. A robust, end-to-end showcase, this leading international event covers today’s emerging advanced battery technology for the automotive, portable electronics, medical technology, military and telecommunications, and utility and renewable energy support sectors.

A golden opportunity to analyze the full spectrum of cutting-edge solutions that can create a smarter and cost-effective environment at a single platform. Attend this comprehensive research event at China’s massive Capital – discover the trends and interpret results.

Harvest your today to energize our tomorrow.

Conference Highlights (Topics):

  1. Advanced Battery Technology
  2. Next Generation Battery Materials
  3. Energy Storage and Industrial Batteries
  4. Advances in Lithium-Ion Batteries
  5. Going Beyond Lithium
  6. Fuel Cell Technologies and Applications
  7. Advances in Electrolytes
  8. xEV Battery Technologies
  9. Hydrogen Fuel Cell Hydrogen Power Storage
  10. Smart Cities & Smart Grid
  11. Batteries for Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  12. Advancements in Energy Storage Systems
  13. Advances in Energy Storage Technologies
  14. Global Battery Market, Trends and Analysis
  15. Energy Storage for Utility Applications
  16. Software Solutions for Energy Storage
  17. Renewables & Storage Maximizing the Benefits
  18. Microgrid, Off-grid solutions and Rural Electrification
  19. Energy Storage Technologies Improving the Electric Grid
  20. Battery Recycling Improving Battery Manufacturing Processes
  21. Advancing in Clean Transportation System, Product and Infrastructure

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Registration Prices
Participant Category Early Booking (Jan 22, 2019)
Speaker Registration $400
Delegate Registration $300
Young Researcher (Speaker) $250
Student Delegate $200
Poster Presentation $200
Exhibitor Registration $1,500

Contact Persons

Daniel Martin
Program Coordinator | Battery Forum 2019
Phone No: +32 (800) 753-58