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Longdom is a renowned organisation that organises highly notable conferences throughout the globe. Currently we are bringing forth Challenges in Global Climate Change (Euro Climate Change 2019) scheduled to be held during November 18-19, 2019 Rome, Italy. The conference invites all the participants across the globe to attend and share their insights and convey recent developments in the field of Climate change.

Conference Theme: “An Insider’s View on Climate science for a Sustainable Future

Climate Change or Global Warming is concerned with the environment issues and ozone depletion, greenhouse gases properties of Climate. Euro Climate Change is a multidisciplinary science that deals with the environmental, earth and planetary science which were considered as Climate Change. Euro Climate Change 2019 is comprised of the following sessions with 23 tracks and 159 sub sessions designed to offer comprehensive sessions that address current issues of Euro Climate Change 2019.


  • Climate and Climatology
  • Evidence of Climate Change
  • Global Warming Effects & Causes
  • Renewable Energy
  • Green Energy & Economy
  • Renewable energy to Mitigate Climate Change
  • Climate Change: Biodiversity Scenarios
  • Climate Change Challenges
  • Carbon Cycle
  • CO2 Capture and Sequestration
  • CO2 Responsible for Climate Change
  • Climate Hazards
  • Pollution its Effects on Climate
  • Climate Change Economics
  • Climate Change Health
  • Energy Policy
  • Climate Change Law Policy
  • Effective Adaptation
  • Sustainability & Climate Change
  • Risks of Climate Change
  • Solutions for Climate Change
  • Oceans & Climate Change
  • Space Monitoring of Climate Variables

Directors/Senior Directors/Executive Directors and Vice Presidents/ Senior Vice Presidents /patents/attorney/Executive Vice Presidents and Heads/Leaders/Partners of

  • Climate Change
  • Division of Climate Change Inc., American chemical Society
  • Bioenvironmental Society
  • Climatologists
  • Meteorologists
  • Marine biologist

Euro Climate Change 2019 invites delegates from Leading Universities, Formulation Scientists, Geologists, Researchers, Students, Business Delegates and Young researchers across the globe providing a better podium, interconnecting the most recent research, innovative advancements in the field and in addition restorative viewpoints. Distinguished Scientific Professionals in the field of Geology, Earth Science and Environmental Science

Universities Faculty (Professors, Associate Professors, Asst. Professors)

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Good Reasons Not to Miss Euro Climate Change 2019

  1. You can listen to world-renowned speakers.
  2. The program focuses both to scientific value and impact on the industrial world.
  3. You can meet companies and stakeholders in Euro Climate Change 2019.

About Organiser

Longdom conferences coined as ‘father of all conferences’ has an history of leading international speaker talks and is instrumental in bringing together experts and beginners for friendly and effective research-oriented discussions. The goal of Longdom conferences is to bring together scientists at every level from different disciplines to understand and discuss during programmed topic sessions and informal gatherings. Longdom conferences will showcase innovative, cutting-edge research on the fundamental roles in addressing the challenges and translational research from academia to industry. All these opportunities will support professional growth of younger scientists that will promote future collaborations and enhance participation and contribution to their exciting research work.

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