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Many people are tired of marketing presentations containing nothing but the idea to sell anything. It has become the main reason to skip conferences at all. Being aware of this unpleasant trend, BGS Group has some procedures in place, which help to guarantee only useful, valuable presentations for the delegates.

For example, Nnaemeka Ewelukwa, General Counsel & Company Secretary at Nigerian Bulk Electricity Trading PLC (NBET), will be covering the topic of Key Considerations for Investors and Policy Makers. Particularly, he will give advice regarding allocation and balance of risks between the parties and affordability. Also, he will share best practices regarding issues of currency devaluation with potential progressive mismatch between downstream local currency payments by power end-users and upstream IPPs who need to service foreign currency loans.

2nd BGS Solar Summit gathers CEO and key specialists of the world leading companies. This is senior-level, closed-door event with limited competition for participating companies and special conditions for sponsors. Summit offers exhibition format, business session, technical session and round-tables which means that company will definitely benefit from the Summit and achieve its goals.

2nd BGS Solar Summit will be held in November 20-21 in Tunis, which is easily accessible from any airport. Moreover, BGS Group is ready to help with visa issues. The Summit is both for English- and French-speaking delegates.

Find out more at  or call us at +44 2037 69 33 86 to ask any question regarding your participation.