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The Future of Hydropower in Africa

Harnessing the Power of Water for a Sustainable Africa

Africa, is a continent with large water resources and renewable energy exploration and development opportunities under way.

In the face of rampant energy insecurity, African governments are increasingly turning to renewable energy sources to meet energy demands, spur development and improve lives and livelihoods in their countries. Among these resources is hydropower, of which only 7 per cent of the continent’s economically feasible potential has been developed.

Regardless of the pace of development in the sector across Africa, hydropower accounts for almost 84 per cent of all non-fossil fuel energy production in the continent.

Hence, efforts to increase investment in hydropower projects will enable interconnection projects have a transformative impact across the African region. This is because hydropower development is considered priority owing to its major role in buffering against fluctuations in energy production.

Technically, there is a significant potential for hydropower in Africa. Major multipurpose water resources schemes, including many large regional hydropower projects, are moving ahead in Africa at an unprecedented rate.

Hydropower presents an opportunity for economic development and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Hydropower possesses the unique essence to deliver real benefits to Africans. And it further itself afield from other energy sources because it offers benefits beyond clean energy.

Hydropower potential exceeds current and medium term demand in the African region and, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), the cost of electricity from hydropower projects remains the lowest among renewable energy sources globally.

Africa is no doubt a continent rich in lakes and rivers, therefore opportunities for expanding hydropower are huge.

African Hydropower Forum 2020 will explore how to maximise the range of added value the sector brings, how those benefits are central to policy making across African Governments, and how to ensure hydropower’s unique selling points are properly recognised.

The forum happening at the Radisson Blu Le Vendome Hotel, Cape Town, South Africa on the 21st – 22nd April, 2020 with over 18 Case Study Sessions and 4 Panel Discussion Sessions will cover a wide range of technical, financial and environmental topics, designed to help turn policies into concrete achievements.

While AHF2020 will explore the growth challenges facing the sector, it will also begin a real conversation on how to recognise all the benefits of hydropower. AHF2020 will bring together industry leaders and policymakers to debate and discuss the key issues facing the industry.

The African Hydropower Forum 2020 will feature prominent speakers from leading companies. Some of these speakers are below:

  • Prerak Thekadi / General Manager – Techno Commercial and Civil Engineer / Adani Green Energy Limited, India
  • Anton-Louis Olivier / CEO /Renewable Energy Holdings (Pty) Ltd
  • Norman Moyo / CEO / Econet Energy
  • Monique Jordaan / Legal and Development Associate / Sturdee Energy
  • Gilles J. Vaes / Head of Business Development-North Africa / ENGIE
  • Peter Ojike / Founder/CEO / Wavetra Energy Ltd
  • Ilze Spears / Head of Utilities / Eldo Energy
  • Zen Dlamini / Head: Power & Infrastructure / Standard Bank, South Africa
  • Wim Jonker Klunne / Lead Coordinator/ Civil Engineer / EEP Africa
  • Pule Segale / Civil Engineer and Construction Site Manager / Mainstream Renewable Power
  • Kwaku Wiafe / Project Coordinator/Business Development Manager / Volta River Authority, Ghana
  • Hugh Hawarden / Power and Renewables Transactor / Rand Merchant Bank
  • Wudineh Yemane / Director, Engineering Supervision/ Project Site Manager / Ethiopian Electric Power
  • William Liabunya / Chief Executive Officer / the Electricity Generation Company Limited (EGENCO), Malawi
  • Najimudeen Salaudeen / Director, Renewable Energy / ConservGeo Corp
  • Kumbirai Makanza / Renewable Energy Analyst / Samansco Energy
  • Mduduzi Gift Buthelezi / Senior Electrical Engineer / Rand Water
  • Adesola Alli / Head, Renewable Energy / Sterling Bank Plc

Get actively engaged in the discussion and create meaningful cooperation with the best international professionals in Africa and beyond!

The African Hydropower Forum 2020 brings together industry, government, finance and civil society to set priorities for the future of the African hydropower sector.

You must be a part of this because we share the same vision for the African energy sector and believe in the possibilities of the future!