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Today, more than half of world’s people dwell in large cities. Cities and urban areas are fast becoming the main hub of economic activity. But cities are also responsible for over 50% of the GhG emissions. Rapid economic development, together with higher density and an ever increasing urban population, will pose many challenges. However, Sustainability, GHG reduction and Climate Change issues will equally dominate public policy, Smart Cities must find a way to include renewable energy in its mix. Herein in lies the challenge.


Renewable energy in cities pose an enormous challenge. Its technical, financial and regulatory issues add great complexity. The intermittent nature of renewable resources adds to these difficulties even more.


Fortunately, there are answers to the above challenges. New technologies, smart controls, and energy storage together with energy efficiency offer promising breakthroughs to make the future grid resilient and transactive in nature. .


The 4th Asian Smart Energy & Cities Forum is a platform that will address all these issues and offer insight into the future by gathering experienced experts who have implemented many of these solutions. The Forum is a “must attend” for policy makers, municipality management, power utilities, telecom operators, renewable energy project investors/developers, and smart energy solution providers. Hear from the experts as they share their knowledge, experiences and lesson learned from a wide range of highly relevant  topics including smart city roadmap and pilot, renewable integration, project financing, net metering, energy storage, EV, green building, energy efficiency and management.