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The GRC Annual Meeting features over 40 hours of technical presentations, workshops, fieldtrips, a plenary session, networking events and more. The GRC Technical Session programs will cover a wide array of topics pertaining to geothermal energy. The program will cover exciting technological developments such as the work of the DOE in low‐temperature systems, innovative drilling tech, and hybrid systems including geothermal mixed with solar at a time when new technological advances are advancing the geothermal industry at a rapid pace.

Four workshops and four fieldtrips will be held at the event. The two‐day Conceptual Models of Geothermal Systems and Reservoir Stimulation workshops and a one day Operations & Maintenance workshop. In addition, there will be a special Geothermal 101 workshop.  The fieldtrips will include excursions to The Geysers, the largest geothermal field in the world.

The GRC Annual Meeting this year supports the theme “Geothermal Energy ‐ Here and Now: Sustainable, Clean, Flexible” highlighting the important role and values of geothermal energy today. “This will be the 40th year the GRC has brought together the US and international geothermal community,” said Steve Ponder, GRC Executive Director. Registration is now open for the GRC Annual Meeting