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India has 194 MTPA Petroleum refining capacity. It has number of gas cracker complexes with downstream facility producing 8 MTPA plastic and polymers. Economic growth urbanization, and demography are the growth drivers. At the same time domestic demand and feed stock advantages are key growth drivers. Competitive landscape shifting is a challenge due to shale gas at North America and coal to chemicals emergence at China.

With large initiatives in renewable energy, bio-fuel, hydrogen energy, electric vehicles etc will post challenges for the petrochemical feedstock with refinery route. Technologies such as crude to chemical, coal to chemical, bio-chemicals etc. will see feedstock advantages in future.

India economy is on growth path once again. India is being looked with importance in the global economy. Key applications in the downstream such as packaging, automobile, construction, infrastructure development are helping increase in demand and at the same time declining prices are resulting in higher offtake by downstream converters for all type of polymers.

Connecforce is pleased to announce the official launch of 2020 India Refining & Petrochemical Forum on April 22-23, 2020 at in Delhi. The two-day conference is to gather leaderships from global investors, India government regulators, refiners and petrochemical producers to share and discuss opportunities and challenges ahead of the industry.