How Are Recycled Plastics Used To Manufacture Lanyards?

published Jan 26, 2024
2 min read

One item that is now regularly being made from recycled plastic is lanyards. There are millions of them in use around the world and so making them from recycled material is a huge benefit to the environment. In this article, We Print Lanyards takes a look at how these recycled plastics are being used to manufacture lanyards and what this means for their users and the wider world.

PET plastic

Most lanyards are made from a material called polyethylene terephthalate (PET) as it is both strong, lightweight and clear. PET was first created in the United States in the 1940s and it has been widely used ever since. By the 1970s, the technology had been developed to mould and stretch PET in order to create things like plastic bottles, and its popularity rocketed.

It is now estimated that half of the synthetic fibre in the world is made from PET, which shows exactly how prevalent it is. Sadly, much of this ends up in landfill sites or in our oceans, which can cause huge amounts of damage to sea life, wildlife and the environment.

This is because animals can become trapped in it, swallow particles of it and it can leak chemicals into the soil and waterways. Waiting for PET plastics to break down and decompose is also not an option and bacteria is not able to consume the chemicals that it is made from and so it can take as much as 450 years to break down.

It is clear that PET is not good for the planet, but as it is so incredibly versatile it has been hard for us to move away from it. That is why it is so important to recycle PET plastic and use it again for new products such as lanyards.

Recycled PET

It is possible to recycle PET, and when this happens, and it is no longer in its original state then it becomes known as recycled polyethylene terephthalate (RPET). As the majority of PET started life as a plastic bottle, these are cleaned, shredded and melted down before being pushed through a sieve that helps to create long strips of plastic material. These strips are then put through a process of stretching and shredding until they look more like wool than anything else.

At this point they are subjected to a process of carding, which ensures that all of the plastic fibres and brushed in the same direction so that the bonds that are created are as strong as possible, and avoids the plastic becoming weak or brittle. Finally, these individual fibres are woven together to make the next plastic product that they are destined for.

As it is so versatile, it is possible to repeatedly recycle PET plastic through a process of washing and remelting, ensuring that it can be used again and again instead of being left to rot. If there is any PET plastic that cannot be recycled due to the fact that it cannot be properly cleaned or it has been contaminated, it can be safely and efficiently burned as an energy source, meaning that it is an incredibly eco-friendly choice to make items such as lanyards from.

PET lanyards

One thing that many people worry about when it comes to using recycled materials is whether it compromises the quality of the item that they are buying, but with PET lanyards this is not an issue. They are as soft and smooth as polyester lanyards as the fibres within them are very similar. This ensures that they feel soft against the skin whilst remaining extremely strong, therefore making them suitable for just about anybody to wear.

The design of PET lanyards is also free from compromise as they are still suitable for full colour printing and Pantone colour matching, intricate designs and text application, so they can look exactly the way that you want them to and can incorporate as much personalisation as you need.

Once you no longer need your PET lanyard, it can be recycled again and can take on yet another new life and use without harming the planet.

The benefits of PET lanyards

One of the biggest benefits of choosing PET lanyards is their green credentials. If you still want the strength, durability and flexibility that plastic offers, then this is an incredibly sustainable choice, as it not only ensures that no new plastic is made but it also saves existing plastic from causing any damage to the environment.

PET lanyards are not just the green choice, they are also a good business choice, as they offer a consistent finish and high quality that ensures they deliver great value. They will last for a long time and will look and feel exactly as you want them to, so you don’t have to worry about lowering our standards just to be more eco-friendly.

However, as these lanyards are green, they can be a great talking point for your business. Whether you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint or run a sustainable event, these can be seen as a big step towards showing that you take your responsibility to the environment seriously and are working practically towards becoming carbon neutral.

With everyone now aware of their need to protect the planet, it is more important than ever before to be mindful of the products we buy and the materials that we consume, which is why buying lanyards made from recycled PET can go a long way towards boosting your business and making the world a better place.