The Rise of Explainer Videos in Healthcare Marketing: Communicating Medical Innovations

published Sep 01, 2023
1 min read

Explainer videos are short, engaging, and informative videos that explain a topic or idea clearly and concisely. They are widely used in various industries, including healthcare, to communicate complex or novel information to the audience.

In this article, we will explore how explainer videos can help healthcare marketers communicate medical innovations to their target audience. To learn more about these videos and order them, you can visit We will also look at some examples of effective explainer videos for healthcare.

How Explainer Videos Can Communicate Medical Innovations

Medical innovations are constantly emerging in the healthcare sector, offering new solutions and opportunities for improving health outcomes. However, communicating these innovations to the public can be challenging, especially when they involve technical or scientific terms, concepts, or processes.

Explainer videos can help overcome this challenge by using visuals, audio, and storytelling to simplify and illustrate medical innovations in an accessible and appealing way.

Here are some of the ways explainer videos can communicate medical innovations:

1. Educating the audience about health problems and solutions: Explainer videos can be used to inform the audience about a health problem or condition, its causes, symptoms, prevention, and treatment options. They can also introduce new solutions or approaches that address the problem or improve the situation.

2. Simplifying complex concepts and processes with visuals and animations: Explainer videos can use graphics, animations, diagrams, charts, or icons to break down complex concepts or processes into simple steps or stages. They can also use metaphors, analogies, or examples to make the information more relatable and understandable.

3. Showcasing the benefits and features of new products or services: Explainer videos can showcase how a new product or service works, what its advantages are, and how it differs from existing alternatives. They can also highlight the unique value proposition or selling point of the product or service.

4. Building trust and credibility with testimonials and case studies:  Explainer videos can use real stories or experiences of customers or patients who have used or benefited from a medical innovation. They can also use statistics, facts, or data to support their claims or arguments. These elements can help build trust and credibility with the audience and persuade them to try or adopt the innovation.

5. Engaging and motivating the audience to take action:  Explainer videos can use emotional appeals, humor, or curiosity to capture the attention and interest of the audience. They can also use calls to action, incentives, or benefits to motivate the audience to take a desired action, such as visiting a website, signing up for a newsletter, booking a consultation, or sharing the video with others.


Explainer videos are a powerful tool for healthcare marketers to communicate medical innovations to their target audience. They can help educate, simplify, showcase, build trust, and engage the audience in an effective and efficient way.

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