The Special and Unique Features of Wellis Spas

published Jun 19, 2023
2 min read

Wellis Spas has quickly become one of the leading brands in the hot tub industry in the United States. Since their successful and overwhelming debut at the International Pool and Spa Show in 2018, they have been actively expanding their dealer network across the country. This article highlights some of the characteristic features and benefits that make every Wellis hot tub special and unique.

To make it even easier for you to imagine, here is a short video about the Wellis hot tub:

1. Durable and Secure Design

WPS Frame: Every Wellis hot tub model has a Wellis Polystyrol (WPS) structural frame. This integrated frame is attached to the hot tub shell and ABS bottom, providing massive support. With the WPS frame, you do not have to worry about rusting, rotting, or degrading over time, this is safeguarding your hot tub, and makes it a good investment.

ABS Bottom: The bottom of every Wellis hot tub is constructed with a rigid ABS plastic that securely seals and connects to the WPS frame. This design effectively keeps out unwanted additives like critters, moisture, and debris, ensuring the longevity and cleanliness of your hot tub.

2. Brilliant and Stable Shell Construction

Triple Layer Shell: Each Wellis hot tub shell undergoes a meticulous manufacturing process to ensure exceptional durability and consistency. The triple layer design includes layers of acrylic, ABS plastic, and a polyurethane backer, all are put into place by robots, so perfection is guaranteed. This precise application and the excellent manufacturing guarantees perfect consistency and outstanding durability, even under demanding conditions.

Irreproachable Jetting: The jets in every Wellis hot tub are meticulously drilled and put by their place using advanced robotic technology. Compensation washers are then applied to each jet opening before attaching the jet body and plumbing. This detailed process ensures a flawless, watertight seal, enhancing the performance, the durability and reliability of every jet.

3. Optimized Performance

Powerful Motors: Wellis hot tubs are equipped with motors that are marketed based on true, continuous horsepower, rather than brake horsepower. These motors are strategically positioned as close to the seats as possible, minimizing strain and optimizing waterflow to each jet and seat. The design is the result of several years of development, so users can access the hot tub with the settings that suit them. With this unique design, Wellis ensures that you will get the best massage and hydrotherapy experience while using it.

Movable Gate Valves: Every motor in a Wellis hot tub features an inline gate valve, commonly known as slice valves. These valves allow you to easily repair or remove a motor without having to drain the entire hot tub. By preventing the unnecessary wastage of hundreds of gallons of water during a simple pump/motor replacement, Wellis enhances the convenience and efficiency of maintenance. With this, the company not only protects the environment, but also people’s wallets!

4. Energy Efficiency and Advanced Insulation

Innovative Insulation: The basis of a good hot tub is proper insulation, as this guarantees its year-round usability.  Wellis differentiates itself from other hot tub manufacturers by employing a unique insulation approach. Instead of traditional spray foam insulation, which is not so resistant and loses insulative value in a short time, Wellis utilizes a polyfoam blend to keep your hot tub water warm. This special insulation is bonded to the inside of the hot tub panels and across the bottom, effectively trapping excess heat from the motors and equipment. Not only does this insulation method recycle heat, but it also contributes to a quieter operation of the hot tub, with which becomes usable throughout the year.

5. Enhanced Maintenance and Circulation

External Bottom Drain: Wellis hot tubs feature an easily accessible external drain located on the ABS bottom which is not very common. Unlike many other manufacturers who place the drain inside the cabinet, Wellis ensures convenience during maintenance by providing an external drain that can quickly used and shortens the installation and downtime.

Dedicated Circulation Pump: Most Wellis hot tub models are equipped with a dedicated circulation pump that surpasses the quietness and efficiency of traditional jet pumps used for circulation. The dedicated circulation pump continuously moves water through the filter, particularly beneficial if you have an integrated water purifier such as an ozone generator or UVC generator. This not only makes it easier to circulate the water, but also to keep it clean.

As you can see, a Wellis hot tub consists of countless special elements that make it unique. These parts and accessories assure our customers that they are making a reliable and long-term investment by choosing Wellis models. For more information, visit our salesman near you or search for your favorite models on