Ideas for Becoming an Eco-Friendly Hair Salon

published May 09, 2023
1 min read

Building greener businesses isn’t a new thing. However, in recent years, the move towards thinking in a more sustainable, eco-friendly way has ramped up.

This is largely down to the government’s target of reaching carbon net zero status by 2050. From phasing out gas boilers to banning the production of diesel and petrol cars, there are plenty of initiatives in place.

For businesses in the hair and beauty industry, this means considering what impact they are having on the environment. If you own a hair salon and you’re wondering how to change things up to be more sustainable, there are plenty of ways to create an eco-friendly setup.

Climate Change

Anti-animal testing

Over 110 million animals a year die from animal testing, and millions more are captured and caged for animal testing. As well as being cruel to animals, capturing creatures can disrupt ecosystems.

By only using products with no animal-tested ingredients or by not using animal-derived products, your salon is taking the environment into account.

Use ammonia-free hair colour

Ammonia is often found in hair colours. This chemical can be bad for both stylists and clients as fumes can trigger respiratory issues and allergies. For those who are subjected to these fumes daily, the impact can be more severe, damaging skin. From an environmental perspective, these chemicals are being rinsed down the drain, potentially damaging water systems and soil.

Instead, opt for ammonia-free permanent and semi-permanent hair colour. Check the ingredients of every colour you introduce to your salon in order to ensure that you’re keeping toxic chemicals away from your staff, your customers, and the wider environment.

Choose eco-friendly décor

As well as using eco-friendly hair products, you could extend this to the way your salon looks. By choosing sustainable furniture and paints, you’re reducing waste and unlikely to be using products that were tested on animals.

For instance, you could look for pre-loved cabinets and shelving where you can stash your hair tools and products. You can also research environmentally friendly paint and other décor that has a small carbon footprint.

Opt for refillable products

Packaging is one of the most prominent waste products in salons. There are empty shampoo bottles and hair dye tubes, many of which made from plastic that cannot be recycled.

In order to cut down on the amount of waste, try swapping for refillable products. Look out for items that come with refills and explore sustainable alternatives.

How will you make your salon greener?