Sustainable Sailing and Travel by Sea

published Oct 28, 2022
2 min read

If we don’t care, our world will no longer be as we know it today in a few years. That’s why we become more aware of the importance of certain behaviours such as recycling, reusing certain items or using public transportation daily. We are gradually integrating these new habits into our daily lives, but what about our vacations?

When old standards are challenged, the opportunity to create new ways of doing things opens up. There is a move towards a more sustainable lifestyle, and the demand for suitable and durable products is increasing. At the same time, awareness of sustainable travel is more present than ever.

There are various options for this, from nature hotels to solar boat rentals, some of which we would like to introduce here.


What forms there are for sustainable travel

Historically, the travel and hotel sector has heavily burdened the environment by consuming energy, water and consumer goods. Hotels, in particular, rely on a large part of the natural environment that travelers want to visit and enjoy.

Although hotels and the tourism industry generally rely heavily on the quality of the environment to attract visitors, the relationship is complex. The negative impacts of tourism development and consumption can gradually destroy the environmental resources on which tourism depends.

As travelers become increasingly concerned about the impact of their behaviour on the environment, maintaining environmental sustainability is critical for businesses to achieve growth, attract new customers and keep customers happy. When hotels go green, they not only reduce their negative impact on the environment and gain the goodwill of guests but also reduce costs.

This is a win-win situation.

Sustainable Hotels: Sustainable hotels work to reduce their environmental impact by adopting best practices in maintenance, services and supply chains. Measures include reducing energy and water consumption, eliminating waste, and using environmentally friendly products. Hotels can also streamline their operations using hotel automation software or other systems to make them more efficient. Many people have adopted a green lifestyle. A green lifestyle is for anyone who cares about the environment and wants to conserve remaining natural resources such as drinking water and fossil fuels.

Nature Hotels: Nature hotels (also known as Eco Hotels) are accommodations committed to environmental sustainability and positively impact the community in which they operate. The owners of these hotels have taken steps to improve the energy efficiency and health of their guests and employees. A nature hotel employs environmentally friendly practices that are safe and harmless to people and animals alike.

Solar boats: With all the free and sustainable energy available at sea, there’s no reason to depend on polluting energy. All that is needed is to build more efficient boats. When you rent a solar boat, you are contributing to a cleaner earth. These solar boats offer a 360° approach to eco-friendly sailing with state-of-the-art electric propulsion, sustainably manufactured materials, smart energy management and new technologies.

What are the advantages of a solar boat?

Solar energy is an excellent option for sailing vessels because it requires no fuel and produces no harmful emissions. In addition, solar energy is a renewable resource and, therefore, a sustainable way to power ships.

Solar-powered sailboats could be the future of travel. With rising fuel prices and concerns about climate change, solar-powered boats are on the rise. More and more sailors are embracing sustainable solar boat travel.

So what are the advantages of solar-powered sailboats?

Reduced emissions: Solar energy is a clean and renewable energy source that produces no greenhouse gases contributing to climate change. Enjoy unlimited range and massive fuel savings with zero to minimal Co2 emissions.

Lower costs: Solar energy can also help save costs. Reducing fuel consumption lowers the cost of operating the ship.

Improved air quality: a solar boat can improve air quality on board by reducing emissions of harmful pollutants produced by engines.

Less need to moor: A significant advantage of a solar boat is that electricity is produced even at sea. This means you have to moor less often and are more flexible and independent as a sailor.



There are many ways to start traveling sustainably this year. These include sustainable hotels and nature hotels. Another option is to take a vacation on a solar boat.

With this, you leave no trace at sea. You sail silently and generate electricity without pollution. Have fun, and enjoy your travels this year.