5 Ways British Companies are Saving the Planet

published Sep 19, 2022
1 min read

The fight is ongoing to save our planet from the grip of climate change, and industries of all shapes and sizes are adapting to provide excellent solutions to our environmental challenges in innovative new ways.

Here are just five ways that British-based businesses are getting on board to save our planet.

1. Magway

Magway are a revolutionary logistical concept that provides a solution to delivering goods via existing decommissioned gas pipes, and specially designed new pipes in the ground, using magnetic power to operate the pods containing goods to be delivered.

This reduces air pollution and traffic congestion from lorries, as Magway is designed to operate on a zero-emissions policy.

They were awarded £1.9 million from the UK government’s ‘Driving the Electric Revolution Challenge’ and are looking to expand their network into two freight routes around Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, and Hatfield.

2. Ormiston Wire

Ormiston Wire was established in 1793 and has been an essential part of pioneering the use of strong wire.

In 2003, Ormiston received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Sustainable Development and has continued to expand its sustainability policy ever since.

In 2012, they completed a project for supplying Kevlar antenna braid for use in lightweight antennas for the British Antarctic Survey.

3. Lucy & Yak

A Brighton-based independent clothing business with a difference, Lucy & Yak is a force to be reckoned with. Their aim is to be as ethical and sustainable as possible, and they employ a mammoth sustainability policy.

Their skirts are made with 100% certified cellulose viscose fibres sourced from wood, and they also make their other clothes with natural dyes, organic cotton, and biodegradable linen.

They also boast that 98% of the fabric they use is recycled or organic, and their polyester is made from recycled plastic bottles, which uses less energy. They have also invested in using seacell, a durable fabric made from a combination of seaweed and wood pulp.

4. Tred

A fintech company that is known for being the UK’s first green debit card made from recycled plastic, Tred is a brand new and innovative way of using banking to save the planet.

The purpose of it is to let users track, reduce, and offset their carbon footprint as they spend money. Tred uses its revenue to plant trees through global reforestation projects.

As the user spends with their card, Tred makes calculations based on the size of their carbon footprint so that users can track their progress.

5. This

This is a UK-based meat alternative company, that creates alternatives to meat made from soybean protein, pea protein, and water.

They boast low CO2 emissions (1.2kg of carbon compared to 50kg from beef) and use packaging that has 90% less plastic than the standard. They also use only 121 litres of water compared to 4,184 litres of beef.

Do you know of any British companies that are saving the planet with their actions and policies? Let us know in the comments below!