5 Steps to Setting Up an Eco-Friendly Business

published Sep 01, 2022
1 min read

An eco-friendly business model is becoming increasingly desirable in 2022 due to the impact of climate change, as well as more emphasis on businesses decreasing their carbon footprints.

It’s becoming easier than ever before to set up an eco-friendly business due to innovative new remedies to climate change.

Here are five easy steps to setting up a sustainable business that will go the distance.

Green energy

1. Have Green Policies and a Central Vision

Create a vision for your company that is reflective of your eco values and will keep your employees and your customers mindful.

It’s important to make sure that any office space you have is as sustainably influenced as possible to represent your company’s values.

As an example, make sure you have the right facilities to be able to recycle your waste materials. You might want to use dedicated recycling bins in a separate area. This will encourage employees to use the facilities as efficiently as possible.

You can also encourage a walk/cycle to work scheme for employees to reduce unnecessary carbon emissions and have an outdoor green space for working or meeting.

2. Renewable Energy

Where possible, use renewable energy to power your office space.

Some energy companies use 100% renewable electricity and carbon-neutral gas to power businesses, but you can go a step further and get companies like Geo Green Power to install solar panels for your office roof. Additionally, you can sell any surplus energy for use on the grid.

3. Don’t Forget Your Marketing

Being a sustainable company is an attribute that will encourage people to invest their time and money in you, and you can use Digital Marketing to capitalise on this.

Digital marketing is increasingly important for getting your brand out into the world and the experts at Maratopia will assess your needs as a business and ensure that your eco-friendly vision is carried loud and clear through innovative web design, content marketing, and search engine optimisation.

This will ensure that you get the online traffic you need to be a successful business, and greater exposure to a wider number of potential customers.

4. Hold Yourself Accountable

Keep a record of your sustainability goals and hold yourself accountable to keep hitting those targets. If something isn’t working, address the problem and create a prompt solution.

This will look exceptional to customers who enquire about your sustainability policy, as it shows an ongoing commitment to reducing your company’s impact on the environment.

Customers are increasingly looking to brands who can prove that they’re eco-friendly, so being able to demonstrate that you’re on target will help build a sense of trust and loyalty.

5. Compost Toilets are the Future!

Consider installing compost toilets in your offices to reduce the impact of sewage on the environment.

Companies like WooWoo Waterless Toilets have a waste-diverting system that drains away urine and faeces separately to be composted.

This will reduce your energy and water bills, as well as create compost for your garden!

Do you have any tips for creating an eco-friendly business? Leave your answer in the comments below!