3 Ways to Improve the Sustainability of Your Business

published Sep 02, 2022
1 min read

With indications that sustainability is increasingly a major concern for the modern consumer, businesses are feeling more responsibility than ever to engage in climate-conscious practices and build environmental awareness into their day-to-day operations.

Operating sustainability is an opportunity to connect with your customers by showing them that your business cares about their values and aims. Additionally, many sustainable changes can also improve your efficiency as a business, streamlining your processes to save you time and resources and freeing you up to work on honing your brand’s ethical values.

If you’re looking for ways to make your business more effective, more efficient, and most importantly, more eco-friendly, these are just a few tips to reduce environmental impacts and improve the way you operate.

1. Working remotely

You might not think so, but making the most of remote working can actually improve the sustainability of your business.

Cutting down on the commute cuts down on the energy expenditure of running an office, and can save on costs too.

If your company requires an office presence, there are still things you can do to improve your sustainability. This includes promoting the use of public transport and introducing a Cycle to Work programme for your employees.

2. Remote recruitment

You don’t have to reshape your entire recruitment process.

But carrying out as much of it remotely bears many of the same benefits as working from home – it reduces the need for travel, as well as minimising the requirement of an office presence. It’s also a huge time-saver for you and them.

There are plenty of other ways to streamline your recruitment process – software such as Oleeo can filter out the best candidates to spare you and them the wasted time and energy of a job application process for a candidate who doesn’t fit the role.

Recruitment is one of the biggest challenges for any business, but perfecting your hiring process will increase your efficiency as well as will bear environmental benefits.

3. Mobilise your consumers

If you’re truly passionate about sustainability, share it with your customers!

Any business owner knows that one of the keys to success is finding ways to mobilise your consumers. In other words, you need to find ways to get them to take action. And custom packaging cardboard boxes can help you do just that. By printing your brand name and logo on custom packaging cardboard boxes, you’ll be able to make a strong impression on your consumers and get them to take notice of your brand.

Moreover, custom packaging can also help to build brand awareness and recognition. And when consumers are familiar with your brand, they’re more likely to make a purchase. So if you’re looking for a way to mobilise your consumers, custom packaging may be the answer.

No one likes to be preached to, but as mentioned above, evidence suggests that sustainability is becoming an increasing concern for the modern consumer, who value brands that are willing to demonstrate their mission and their action. Don’t be afraid to advertise the measures you take to make your business more sustainable – customers appreciate the transparency. These may include changing your packaging to a recyclable format, or simply a marketing campaign that demonstrates your commitment to sustainability and encourages your customers to do the same.

You may even consider partnering with an environmental charity to offer support or carry out fundraisers so that you and your team can do your bit for the planet.

Want to turn your business into a vehicle for change? These are just a few steps you can take towards becoming a more sustainable enterprise.