Here’s a glimpse into the functionality of sit stand desk

published Jun 07, 2022
2 min read

Inactivity might be the cause of a variety of diseases and bad health for many of us office jockeys who sit in our ergonomic swivel chairs all day. It’s a sneaky side effect of our sedentary lifestyles that can kill people.

Isn’t that a touch dramatic? I wish that weren’t so.

The creation of the sit-stand desk – or height adjustable standing desk – as a reaction to the curse of inactivity is now widely acknowledged in the mainstream and adopted by several businesses wanting to walk the wellness walk rather than just talk-the-wellness-talk.

Standing at an office cubicle, at a desk chair, grey desk chair, or a corner desk is no longer as unusual as it was a decade ago.UX Office leads the way here.

However, it’s vital to realise that not all sit-stand workstations are created equal, and there are a few things to consider before purchasing to get the most out of your new method of working:

1. Sitting isn’t the only option; standing is also an option.

As the cliché goes, sitting is indeed the new smoking. So the solution must be to stand up at your desk during the day, right? Wrong.

Long periods of standing, like drinking too much water, can be harmful to your health. If you go to the opposite extreme, you’ll get varicose veins and foot and ankle problems.

Standing up and sitting down at regular intervals throughout the day, according to experts, can enhance your health and burn calories. That’s why one of the most crucial characteristics to look for in a sit-stand desk changes effortlessly (and discreetly – so as not to irritate your coworkers).

Consider whether the desk has a one-touch operation. Is it able to adapt without requiring me to push and pull on its structure? Is it safe for me to move this desk from a sitting to a standing position and back? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, probably, you won’t utilise your sit-stand desk effectively, and so won’t benefit from its sit-stand benefits.

2. A great deal of flexibility

What works for one person may not work for another – or, to put it another way, we’re all made from different moulds – and this is especially true if you’re hot-desking or sharing a desk with others.

Similarly, your body shape and height, as well as your standing/sitting habits, may vary over time, necessitating the need for an adjustable sit-stand solution if you want to ensure the lifespan of your investment.

Is it possible for your sit-stand desk to accommodate more than one computer monitor? Is it tiny enough to not take up too much room on your desk or hinder your feet? Is it taking up too much space on your desk?

3. Options for height memory and setting

There are desks with hand cranks for changing height, but the most beautiful and future-proof sit-stand workstations are powered electrically with an LED keypad for entering multiple heights, as well as varied periods to remind you to move from a sitting to a standing posture, and so on.

You must make certain that your desk sit-stand memory is good – and that the desk does not gradually sink during the day! You must also be certain that the electronic components used in the workstation are both safe and dependable.

4. Good aesthetics and high-quality materials

The quality of materials and craftsmanship identify good furniture, no matter what it is. You’ll be able to see right away if a workstation is robust, durable, stable, fragile, inferior, and a waste of money, by evaluating several sit-stand alternatives before making a purchase.

Don’t overlook the necessity of finding a sit-stand desk that is both elegant and functional in your office. Given that you’ll be utilising your workstation regularly, a clever and attractive sit-stand solution will benefit both your mind and body, which are intimately intertwined.

When it comes to picking sit-stand workstations for yourself or your staff, cutting down on quality is a bad idea.

In terms of quality and convenience, sit-stand desks are diverse. The following are some amenities to think about:

Sit-stand desk’s noise level is: If you value a peaceful work environment, search for desks with a gentle transition from sitting to standing.

Programming: Some desks can be programmed with height preferences, allowing you to easily adjust them to your preferred position.

You may not employ the full capability of the desk if it takes an excruciatingly long time to get from sitting to standing.

Electric vs. manual movement: Hand cranks are used in certain sit-stand desk types, while electric or pneumatic lifts that rise and drop at the touch of a button are used in others. The mode of movement you select will have a significant impact.