5 Smart Ways Businesses Can Become More Sustainable

published Jun 28, 2022
2 min read

Companies must do their best to combat climate change before it’s too late. Scientists recommend that people worldwide reduce their carbon footprint, but businesses can do the most work. They are the ones making more of an impact, so they need to find ways to become more sustainable. Luckily there have been many eco-friendly innovations in recent years — it’s just a matter of finding what works for you.

How can you create a sustainable business? Here are five smart tips companies can use to develop environmentally safe practices in the workplace.

Sustainable Swaps in Business

1. Use Less Energy

The easiest and quickest way to become more sustainable is to reduce how much power you use. The U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates that energy production in 2020 created over 1.5 billion metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions. Look into ways to lower your electricity bill to curb that number.

If you like your equipment and appliances the way they are, then you just need to remember to turn off anything that’s not being used. You could go the extra mile and unplug everything when not in operation as well. Outdated products can use more energy, so those looking to make upgrades should find EPA-approved Energy Star products. These are guaranteed to be energy-efficient, making the most out of their electricity use.

2. Get New Packaging

Engineers who initially created single-use products probably had no idea how much they would affect the environment. The ability to package something in a parcel consumers could easily throw away was a significant development. However, most of this plastic now ends up in landfills and seriously harms animals and ecosystems.

There are plenty of ways packaging can add to a sustainable business. You could use biodegradable boxes, which will disintegrate when you throw them away. You could also utilize water-activated tape, which uses less material than traditional versions and is also 21% more effective at sealing. Using these products and more recycled materials can make your business more eco-friendly.

3. Change to Electric Vehicles

Many companies have a fleet of cars or vans to transport goods or people to perform services. The gas they use adds up with daily operation. This is a burden on the wallets of business owners and the environment. The Environmental Protection Agency expects passenger cars to emit almost 5 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually.

Therefore, your business should consider transitioning to electric vehicles. EVs could cut down on how much a company pollutes. There are even plug-in hybrids that only use gas when the charge on the battery runs out. PHEVs combine electricity and gasoline to create a vehicle that reduces emissions while ensuring your drivers don’t get stranded somewhere without a recharge station.

4. Reduce Waste Production

Waste is the opposite of sustainability. Throwing out tons of products or packaging materials means you’re likely sending piles of trash to landfills. They will leak chemicals and greenhouse gases once there. Many oceans and animals are currently suffering from the adverse effects of landfills.

Take a look at how much your company is throwing away. Replace old machines with new ones to create better-quality products. Try making repairs before getting rid of anything. Reducing waste can even extend to offices and break rooms. Are you trashing a lot of paper? Does everyone dispose of their cups after one trip to the water fountain or coffee pot? Find ways to cut back on these wasteful habits.

5. Try Renewable Energy

Standard electricity creates a lot of pollution. Sometimes, reducing how much you use might not seem like enough. Every time you use power, it’s still creating tons of waste. Using less certainly helps, but making the smallest carbon footprint possible is the ultimate goal.

Try out some renewable energy sources to become a sustainable business. They don’t rely on fossil fuels to create the electricity they provide, making them much better for the environment. However, using them can also save you money on your electric bills. While you can choose to be energy independent, many providers will give you credit or pay you for the extra energy you produce. On top of becoming environmentally friendly, setting up renewable energy can pay for itself.

Save the Planet With Sustainable Business Practices

You can make changes to create an eco-conscious workplace, even if your company didn’t start out with sustainability in mind. Doing so will help the community and the planet. Consider utilizing these five tips to become greener and make a difference in the world.