Classic Tech for a Digital Detox on a Summer Camping Trip

published May 30, 2022
1 min read

Once again this summer, camping could be the hottest holiday trend in the UK, as more people choose to leave behind the stress of modern living and enjoy exploring the great outdoors. One of the best ways to immerse yourself in an outdoor adventure is to switch off your phone and enjoy a digital detox.

Smart technology can be very useful, but instead of relying on your phone and constantly struggling to get a WiFi signal, using other classic, off-grid gadgets, together with durable and practical camping accessories, can still enhance a camping trip while being more suited to a back to basics holiday.

Keeping in Touch with Walkie Talkies

Having become so dependent on staying in touch with our phones, completely disconnecting from the rest of the world can be daunting. If you set your phone to emergency contact only, you will still be able to make a call for help if necessary and even allow urgent calls to bypass a Do Not Disturb setting.

Otherwise, without the constant temptation of the internet and checking notifications, you can become more fully immersed in connecting with nature. Once your phone is switched off, walkie talkies offer an alternative and versatile way to communicate with fellow campers, whether you’re exploring the wilderness with friends or on a family camping trip.

For a fun way of staying in contact with your kids on a campsite, a shorter range will meet your needs, while still allowing you to know that they are safe wherever they are.

Making Memories with a Disposable Camera

Along with messaging and browsing the web, one of the main uses of smartphones is to take photographs. By taking separate equipment, you can stay off-grid and still take great photos. Although it can only take a limited number of photos, a disposable camera is cheap and durable, as well as being very easy to use. By choosing a waterproof model, you don’t need to worry about using it near rivers and lakes, and can even take shots underwater.

Some units come with a flash to take pictures around the campfire at night, and a wide angle disposable camera is great for capturing expansive landscapes.

Solar Powered Lanterns for Off-Grid Lighting

Flashlights and lamps have always been essential camping gear but nowadays it’s easy to turn to your smartphone for its torch facility. Without the use of your phone, conventional batteries or an electric hook up, solar lighting will ensure you have light when you require it. Solar lights are versatile and come in a variety of styles, whether you need a powerful flashlight for moving around the campsite in the dark, a classic, vintage-style lantern to illuminate the inside of your tent at night, or even some string lights to decorate your pitch in the evening.

One of the main joys of camping is getting back to basics and away from distracting technology. There are still a few classic gadgets, however, that will enhance a connection with the outdoors and nature, and enable you to do a digital detox while still enjoying a safe and comfortable trip.