7 Celebrities Doing the Most for Climate Change

published May 19, 2022
2 min read

With the world coming together to combat climate change, and as more and more climate volunteering opportunities are emerging – everyone it seems has their part to play in tackling the most urgent issue of our time. Celebrities in the public eye especially have a responsibility to make changes in their lifestyle to ensure they set an example towards a low carbon future.

Some celebrities in particular are tackling the environmental challenge by raising awareness and using their influential position to encourage others to make changes.

Here are 7 celebrities who are doing their utmost to tackle the issue of climate change.

David Attenborough

At the grand age of 95, David Attenborough is still trying his best to play his part in reducing climate change. His pursuit to build awareness is legendary with a whole portfolio of nature programmes giving a real insight into the dangers the environment faces with climate change. From Our Planet to Africa, his shows have won multiple awards and he has fans across generations. In recent years, he has spoken at events across the globe including the UN-sponsored talks and last year’s climate summit in Glasgow. He has raised the importance of the issue and will go down in history as an advocate for climate change.

Leonardo DiCaprio

The Oscar award winning actor who is best-known for roles in hit films including Titanic and Wolf of Wall Street is a prominent figure in the battle against climate change. After launching his foundation back in 1998 to protect Earth’s inhabitants, he has funded 200 projects that have helped marine life, wildlife and helped to fund climate change initiatives. Personally, the superstar has donated millions to Earth Alliance. The actor has been involved in documentarians about climate change including Ice on Fire and also has spoken out at the United Nations. He honourably attends rallies.

Prince Charles

Prince Charles, the future king of England, has been a passionate advocate for climate change over the years. From his first speech on the environment in 1970 to his latest charter named Terra Carta, which works to encourage big businesses to go green, he has made a big impact on making positive changes to combat climate change. The passion has also continued through the generations with both his sons, Prince William and Harry following suit in the drive to protect the environment. He has taken steps in his own life to live more sustainably and reduce his own carbon footprint such as changing his diet and cutting his energy consumption.

Jane Fonda

The legendary actress who is known for films including Klute and Fun with Dick and Jane is an environmental activist and has been raising awareness over the decades. Being arrested four times, Jane Fonda has taken part in the largest rallies in the US, even arranging her own named Fire Drill Fridays where celebrities and scientists rallied together. Despite her wealth, she lives a sustainable lifestyle, even claiming a coat she wore at a rally would be the last item of clothing she would buy. She has even written a book on the subject of Climate change.

Greta Thunberg

Entering the public eye at the age of 14, Greta Thunberg has become one of the most famous climate change activists in the world. Now as the voice of the people, Greta has been nominated for Nobel peace prizes for four years, has spoken at events such as the UN Climate Action Summit and organised many climate strikes to encourage world leaders to tackle the issue. Greta has teamed up with other celebrities such as David Attenborough to raise awareness. The Swedish activist has also met with world leaders and was named as one of the most influential people in TIME.

Mark Ruffalo

Actor Mark Ruffalo who is best known for playing the iconic Hulk in the Avengers films is a climate activist who has helped to launch The Solutions Project which aims to switch Americans to renewable energy. It has so far launched over 100 projects and aims for everyone to have 100% clean air. He has been outspoken about fracking, raising awareness of the issue and calling out leaders. The actor has also made appearances in documentaries regarding climate change, even producing Dear President Obama which called out then-president on fracking.


The legendary British singer Sting is a passionate environment activist with the singer who is best known for hits such as Every Breath You Take launched the Rainforest Fund back in 1989 which has protected 33 million acres of the rainforest and saw him awarded the Global citizen prize. He speaks out about the danger of deforestation and even worked with Prince Charles back on a campaign in 2009. He has also written several songs with environmental themes.