Tips to Make a Rental Property More Environmentally-Friendly

published Apr 25, 2022
2 min read

Rental properties are becoming more frequently sought after, and more properties are being added to the market. Most times, properties owners arent conscious of the environment and make modifications without care. When renovating a rental property, with a few conscious choices, you can make the property environmentally friendly. Here are some of the modifications you can make to a rental property to make it environmentally friendly:

Find Eco-Friendly Tennants

Who you rent the property to matters a lot and will determine whether or not your installations and actions will matter. Seeing as you won’t actually be staying on the property, those who stay on it will need to respect the environment. Luckily, more people are becoming more environmentally conscious, so, finding such tenants won’t be a problem. If you cant find tenants that match this requirement and have to rent it out to anyone available, you can create environmentally friendly property riles. This will ensure that your tenants will be conscious of the environment in your absence. Finding tenants that care about the environment is the best option and should be your first consideration.

Install A Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat affords you greater temperature control, meaning you determine how much you use the air conditioner. Air conditioners may feel friendly but in truth, they aren’t friendly to the environment. Smart thermostats will reduce the dependency on air conditioners and allow you to determine how insulation will work in the home. At this point, it will be up to the tenants to make use of the thermostat as opposed to the air conditioner. This is where the need for an environmentally-conscious tenant comes in. A tenant that cares for the environment will take advantage of the smart thermostat and use the air conditioner only when necessary.

Install Low-Flow Shower Heads

The amount of water used in the house is another way to care for the environment. By using less water, you are doing the environment a favor, and what better way to do so than by installying low-flow showerheads. In keeping with this trend, you can install low-flow taps across the house as well. By using low-flow showerheads and taps, you will greatly reduce water usage in the home. Most people believe that low flow taps and showerheads mean less water pressure, but that isn’t the case. The water pressure will remain the same while the water usage in the home will reduce, saving water.

Install Solar Panels

Solar panels are a great addition to any home as it reduces reliance on electricity and the power company. Solar panels help provide solar power in the home, ultimately reducing the total electricity usage and power bill. As a landlord, installing a solar panel on your property will help improve the value of the property. Tenants are aware that power is a major expenditure and the extra rent will be worth it compared to paying high power bills. In terms of the environment, solar panels help reduce energy consumption levels. Ou can install as many solar panels are needed to supply enough power for the property, but a few should suffice.


Composting is a practice that comes in if there is a garden on the property. Composting is a form of recycling that is one of the most environmentally friendly processes. Composting uses the waste products from the home to fertilize the soil, promoting healthy plant growth and reducing pollution in the home. This is another practice that will require you to ensure you rent to environmentally conscious tenants. Tennants who care about the environment will take the practice seriously and avoid polluting your property. The larger the garden on the property, the more waste it can accommodate comfortably.

If you want to ensure your property is continuously environmentally friendly, you will need to develop a sustainable plan. One viable option is to allow professionals to come up with actionable strategies. By collaborating with a property management company, your property will remain environmentally friendly for a long time. You will also have creative solutions that prospective tenants are sure to love.


Rental properties aren’t always environmentally friendly as most landlords don’t care much for environmentally friendly additions. With a few renovations and changes, your property will become more environmentally friendly, which will likely help increase the property value.