Industries Who Are Bettering Their Carbon Footprint

published Mar 23, 2022
1 min read

Climate change has become a hot topic in recent years, with urgent focus from countries across the globe to protect the planet and reverse the damage already done.

Energy, fashion, transport, agriculture and food retail are the industries with the biggest carbon footprint, and tremendous efforts are being made to try and reduce their output across the board.

An increase in vegan food will help agriculture, while a move towards cleaner, renewable energy will be instrumental in lowering the carbon footprint in every industry.

But what else can be done to reduce energy consumption and take a more environmentally friendly approach? Here’s a look at how the casino industry is making huge strides ahead.

Investing in the Future

The casino industry has undergone considerable changes in recent years, with the move to online play while simultaneously sustaining the bricks and mortar facilities. These developments have put casinos ahead of other industries with their ability to innovate and adapt.

And this flexibility has been evident in their approach to energy consumption. Casinos run 24/7, and with their bright lights and multiple machines, the demand for energy is enormous. Yet they don’t have the carbon footprint that you might imagine, because of their move to renewable energy sources.

Las Vegas has the ideal conditions for the use of solar energy, and it has become one of the leading advocates for the adoption of renewable energy. The MGM Casino is the perfect example of the change, with its 100-megawatt solar panels now providing power for the whole resort.

And it’s not just casinos in Las Vegas who have made the switch. Reno, Ontario, Minnesota and San Diego are just some of the other areas where casinos are leading the way.

A Dual Approach

Of course, playing online makes it possible to reduce the carbon footprint even further, and many casinos have been proactive in providing their players with that option.

Large brands have been working hard to make sure that both their bricks&mortar and online sites are both eco-friendly. This means investing in green technology for the servers and digital output, along with renewable energy for the physical locations.

PartyCasino, one of the leading casino brands in the world, already has a commitment to the concept of environmentally friendly energy.

Their spokesperson confirmed, “It’s in everyone’s best interest to move towards a lower carbon footprint, and big brands like PartyCasino have been working towards this goal for some time now”.

With the big names leading the way in the casino industry, it’s clear that it’s one of the industries which has made significant changes to its carbon footprint. While other industries are yet to follow suit, it’s an excellent example of how it’s possible to switch to greener practices without compromising performance or service delivery.