How to Remodel Your Home Using Eco-Friendly Ideas

published Mar 24, 2022
2 min read

Planning to give your home a much-needed facelift? Ever thought of doing it in an environmentally friendly way? Is it possible to have a stylish house at the same conserve the environment? Yes, it is. You can remodel your home in a trendsetting yet eco-friendly manner. Besides, you don’t need to strain your pocket to own a green and sustainable home. Here are five eco-friendly ideas you can incorporate into your home remodeling project.

Repair and Refresh

Chance are most of the things in your house are in dire need of a replacement or a repair. If you can pinpoint the issue, fix it. Don’t take the short route and rush to the store to replace. Every time you purchase a new item to replace an old one, the manufacturer will use more energy to produce that item. The store will release more carbon into the atmosphere to transport that item to your location. When you eventually dispose of the old appliance or artifact, you get to add an item that only needed a minor fix to the surging garbage fill. However, you may have to replace old electric appliances to save up on power consumption.

Use Eco-Friendly Building Materials

The home remodeling project gives you a second chance to do right by the environment. Therefore, as you remodel your home, use eco-friendly building materials. Eco-friendly building products and materials are sourced from sustainable sources. The building materials are more durable compared to standard building materials and products. Sourcing and choosing eco-friendly building products and materials can be challenging. Manufacturers use dubious means to trick unsuspecting customers into believing their products are eco-friendly. You can consult with a deck builder to only use eco-friendly materials when building your deck. Nonetheless, common eco-friendly building materials include bamboo, rammed earth for the floors and walls, recycled plastic for yard fences or picnic tables, or AshCrete in the place of concrete. Your home remodeling contractor will help you choose eco-friendly materials for your home.

Minimize VOCs

You will definitely paint walls as you remodel your home. You may need to change a few furniture or decor pieces in your home. Most paints contain VOCs levels that are harmful to the environment and your health. As you refresh your walls, go for paints with minimal or zero VOC. Paints made from natural products such as milk protein, flour, oil, or casein are perfect for your home. They will not release poisonous gases into the atmosphere. Repurpose furniture and buy used one to minimize VOCs in your newly remodeled home. Always use natural cleaning products over synthetic cleaning products.

Be Efficient

Efficiency and eco-friendliness coexist together. There are ways you can remodel your home into an efficient home.

Solar power

A solar-powered home lowers a household’s carbon footprint and energy bills. The solar panel will help you trap and changes energy from the sun’s rays into electricity that can power your home. Join the bandwagon and install solar panels in your home.

Insulate and seal

The air gaps and wall spaces in your home break your home’s efficiency. Insulation choices are complicated. You may have to consult a home remodeling contractor to get the best insulation solution for your home.

Solar passive designs

Make use of the sun to make your home more efficient. Let the sun light and warm your home during the day. You will have to switch to large windows or glass walls. You can also install skylights to let more natural light.


Get smart devices, energy management systems, and energy sensors for your home. Pair your home’s HVAC with a smart thermostat to minimize your energy consumption. Such devices let you control and reduce your energy consumption.

Don’t Throw It Away

Donating items instead of throwing them will reduce the ever-growing landfills. Don’t throw that old appliance. Take it to a recycling company. Most of the components present in your old electrical appliances are harmful to the environment. Consider taking your extra or unpurposeful art supplies to a community center, local school, or senior center. You can take unused old clothing items or beddings to a drop-off near you.

Wrap Up

It is essential to be concerned about the environment. You can be eco-friendly and stylish with your home if you apply these eco-friendly home remodeling ideas.