The main advantages of the lithium-ion batteries for your motorhome

published Feb 01, 2022
1 min read

The lead-acid motorhome batteries still dominate the market, though they are being replaced, at a very fast pace, by lithium batteries by many campervan enthusiasts who believe that they are a better alternative to traditional batteries(being more kind of eco batteries). There are many benefits to choosing LiFePO4 instead of lead-acid batteries in any situation.

Here are some bright examples of this

  1. They are safe. It is your home and vehicle combined. And safety definitely is important. LiFePO4 batteries for vans are equipped with an integrated safety feature. These batteries will shut down automatically when they reach dangerous overheating temperatures. This prevents the vehicle from fire and explosion. Lead-acid batteries, on the other side, don’t usually include this fail-safe feature and can sometimes be vulnerable to fire if they come in contact with foreign metals. No battery is perfect, but Eco Tree Lithium batteries are one of the best on the market.
  2. These batteries can go further than your typical lead-acid vehicle battery. You can only use about half of its rated capacity. Lithium batteries can be used to extend dry camping wherever you go. Your lithium campervan battery has a high-quality, sustainable voltage level which allows you to enjoy extra time in your home on wheels.
  3. They are much more lighter than traditional lead-acid batteries. The weight and size of lithium batteries are typically one-third of those of traditional lead-acid. This allows you to reduce the vehicle’s weight and increase its speed.
  4. They last much longer than the average battery. It is not preferable to replace a lead-acid battery every two or three years instead of investing long-term in a lithium battery that will last for over a decade? The cycle life of lithium batteries can be up to 10X that of their lead-acid counterparts.
  5. They are maintenance-free. Lead-acid batteries can last for several years. And also, they will need to be maintained and properly stored. You must also strictly monitor water levels in order to avoid fire hazards to a lead-acid battery and the environment as well. The lithium-ion batteries, on the other side, do not require special maintenance, which means that they can save you both time and energy.
  6. With that said, it can be presumed that lithium-ion batteries are relatively more expensive than lead-acid ones. Over their lifetime, though, in the long-term, these batteries are actually less expensive than lead-acid. This definitely makes them an excellent investment for motorhome owners.
  7. They are eco-friendly, as it can be presumed easily from all said by now. Having a vehicle that has a negative effect on the environment is not a good option at all. The green battery option that one has to look for is the lithium-ion one. It provides clean energy for travel and helps reduce CO2 emissions. It also has an environmentally friendly disposal procedure. These green batteries can be recycled over and over again and are often made from recycled materials.

With all that said, it is rather clear what is the best power source choice for your vehicle.