How to Choose a Greenhouse That Fits Your Garden in the UK?

published Dec 21, 2021
1 min read

If you want to implement one of the most modern greenhouses in your garden to grow herbs, organic vegetables, and exotic plants, you first have to find the perfect size of a greenhouse that will suit your garden. It will all depend on your garden and house type.

This text will focus on the four most common sizes of greenhouses for different house and garden types. Always consider the size of a greenhouse before you implement one since not every garden is spacious, and based on what we want to grow, we will all have different gardening needs.

The four most common sizes of greenhouses

The four most common types of greenhouses based on different sizes are:


These are the most spacious greenhouses and come in a great variety of shapes. With freestanding greenhouses, you can cultivate herbs. Still, they’re also big enough to fit a whole family to live in. consider freestanding greenhouses only if you have a very spacious garden.


These types of greenhouses always fit next to a wall of your house. If your garden isn’t too spacious, consider lean-to greenhouses. They’re excellent for growing and nursing plants and similar to freestanding greenhouses, there will be extra room inside for some leisure space. Like with freestanding greenhouses, you can decorate lean-to ones with accessories, furniture, and textiles, to create a perfect gardening oasis on the side of your house wall.


As the name suggests, these greenhouses are small, and you should consider them if there’s not much space in your garden. They’re ideal for growing vegetables and rare herbs and are perfect for those who have limited garden space but still consider gardening one of their favorite hobbies.


The last on our list is mini-greenhouses. As the name suggests, they’re very small and ideal for those who want to grow organic vegetables and herbs for the whole family but have minimal space in their garden. These greenhouses can range from just small frames to greenhouses you can walk into.

Final thoughts

As you can see, deciding on the perfect greenhouse size solely depends on the size of your garden. Choose between freestanding, lean-to, small, and mini, based on what your garden can incorporate. Good luck with your choice!