Kitchen Appliances that Make Your Kitchen Sustainable

published Oct 27, 2021
2 min read

Source: by Jason Briscoe

The kitchen is considered as the heart of our home. It’s a place of adventure and happiness, a place where we’re able to create the best meal according to our own creativity and imagination. However, how sure are we that the adventures we’ve had do not affect our Earth? The kitchen has the most possibility for waste as it is where the majority of your appliances are placed, where you cook and produce food waste. If you want to have a more environmentally-friendly home, a sustainable kitchen is a good place to start.


Believe it or not, kettles are one of the most used appliances in your kitchen. If your household still uses the traditional over-the-stove kettle to boil water, it’s time to keep that in the closet. Switch to an electric kettle for your morning coffee, as it drastically reduces your daily electricity consumption and saves more energy. Go for the one with a measuring scale and a temperature control feature that automatically turns the kettle off once the water is boiled.

Coffee Machine

Prefer your coffee instantly made in the morning by a machine instead of the typical do-it-yourself coffee? Opt for a coffee machine that does not use single coffee-pods with reusable filters. These coffee makers are damaging to the environment as the pods and disposable paper filter would often bleach and end up in the landfill, creating an environmental nightmare.  Because they contain traces of dioxins, this is terrible news for both humans and the environment.

Induction Stove

When it comes to stoves, choosing between gas and electric can be difficult. But for a greener option, it’s best to go for an induction stove as it is considered the most energy-efficient kitchen gadget you can get your hands on. An induction stove uses electromagnetic induction mechanism to produce heat, which induces a current within pots and utensils, thus only indirectly utilising power. As a result, the food only heats up when a utensil is placed over the cooktop, conserving natural gas and electrical energy.

Electric Oven

Electric ovens that are used on a regular basis can be major energy consumers in your home. There are many electric ovens on the market that promise to cook better while using less power. You should aim for the one that has various cooking modes to avoid stockpiling various electrical appliances, consumes less energy, and has an efficient thermal management feature. Ideally, it is best to combine your induction stove with an electric oven that also functions as a microwave to save both kitchen space and energy.


Have you ever wondered why there’s always an Energy Star sticker on refrigerator doors? Well, energy-star is a label applied to all energy-saving appliances that guarantees they are eco-friendly and use less power. Appliances that are certified with more stars need less electricity for it to run. Energy-star refrigerators typically save approximately 9% more energy than non-certified models. Refrigerators must never emit CFCs or HFCs (chlorofluorocarbon and hydrofluorocarbon) as these gases actively deplete the Earth’s atmosphere’s valuable ozone layer.


Dishwashers typically consume a lot of water and electricity to function properly. There are, however, other energy-efficient alternatives open. These dishwashers would use less water and lower power consumption units while maintaining its cleaning efficiency. If a typical dishwasher uses six gallons of water to clean the dishes, an energy-efficient dishwasher will only use four gallons, saving two gallons of water. You can significantly reduce your energy and water consumption and thus save some extra cash on your utility bills by selecting the best dishwasher.

Rice Cooker

If your family loves eating rice on a daily basis, it’s time to invest in a good rice cooker for the household. A rice cooker is an excellent kitchen appliance that can save you both time and energy. Choose one that meets your daily necessities and is large enough for your entire family. However, it’s important to keep in mind to choose one that comes with a steel bowl rather than a Teflon as it may contain hazardous chemicals (PTFE and PFOA).


A toaster is considered as one of the most important kitchen appliances to get you started in the morning. Toasting your bread with a toaster saves a lot of energy as it consumes a minimal amount of energy regardless of brand. It’s ideal to choose a toaster that’s energy efficient, doesn’t have ridiculously long bread slots and has a good temperature control feature so it doesn’t overheat the bread. Toasters with long slots are practically inefficient and wastes more energy.